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And in the cases of septuplet???.....................。。。。。。。。。。。。。。..............

jeffreyone(1383) Clarified
1 point


You're in the middle of six different pathways. at every end of each God knows what is there and what you faced to get there.

He has a sign board on his maybe path 3. still not compulsory to follow his. you chose a different one, that is free will, at the end you got swallowed by a crocodile, yes God is still omniscience, present and potent.

jeffreyone(1383) Clarified
1 point

Terrorists should be OK blowing up innocent women and children unless God is NOT Allah.

You should read the qualities used to describe Allah in the Qur'an. It is totally different from the christian God.

Islam is a false religion.


003:054 Pickthal


And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers.

Definition of scheme:



make plans, especially in a devious way or with intent to do something illegal or wrong.

"he schemed to bring about the collapse of the government"

synonyms: plot, hatch a plot, conspire, intrigue, connive, maneuver, plan

"he schemed to bring about the collapse of the government"

Scheming is most similar to deceit.

And the bible says Satan is the Father of all liars.

Allah is said to be the best schemer...

Guess who Allah is;

2 points

It looks like you were trying to say your mama did not exist in your life because she run from ya papa.

You couldn't find her on twitter or facebook. She is too proud and obsessed with herself so a megalomaniac.

Told papa. Do not have photos/images of other women not even when you dream.

Have no other woman before me.

And when you call me baby(my name) make sure i am the only one....

jeffreyone(1383) Clarified
0 points

but he was just doing a free favor....and you thank him with a slap?

No, doing a favor is actually giving the information to people that find it useful, not saying something on a random late night radio show. However, since he's a fraud, I personally don't think he would be liable.

How do i know you know but denying?

This question doesn't make sense

Your ignorance is not established as far as am concerned.

I'm not ignorant as to who satan is claimed to be, I simply don't believe it's real.

But the guy has no degree.

What difference does that make?

What difference would it make if he gave the credit to an octopus.

You're asking me? It really makes no difference to me, but at least there's evidence octopuses exist.

I don't know if it's the catholics who teach it but my bible and church never taught me God is in the sky.

Perhaps not literally in the sky, but it does teach you God exists which is just as wrong.

I will never forgive myself i impossibly be an atheist(fuckwit, bigot, idiot).

Again, this sentence doesn't make sense, but are you suggesting atheists are bigots? Do you not understand the purpose of this debate at all? It's the religious that have issues with the LGBT community, making you the bigot.

People almost always have a problem with what i post on CD, but am being denied the right to do same?really?

I'm not denying you the right of posting anything, I'm simply stating I've lost interest in where you've taken it. When it comes down to it, though I know how most con artists work, no I can't explain exactly how the radio host may have done it; but this is the problem most religious people have: they can't accept "I don't know" as an answer. Just because I don't know doesn't mean it's god, that's simply an argument from ignorance. There was once a time we didn't understand how lightning worked and people attributed it to a god; but now we do understand it and there's nothing supernatural about it. Before you can even claim what he did was supernatural and that it was from God, you must first demonstrate that both the supernatural and God even exist. If you offer no evidence to their existence, how could it be possible that God is responsible for it?


jeffreyone(1383) Clarified
1 point

Before you find(80%) you must be looking for, but if you say to yourself such a thing cannot possibly exist, then you won't even acknowledge the little signs and clues.

The chinese have accepted (it) and believe in the possibility of such things you call superstitious and impossible existing and therefore are advanced in that knowledge than the other parts of the world(scientifically).

One of the best of materials used to capture such beings is mercury.

A building blended with mercury can be penetrated in by an odd creature but the same method cannot be used to go out of the building, the creature would have to use the door like a human would.

They are therefore also bound by the laws of nature and are discoverable.

But i tell you, the world minus Asia, and Africa will take the U.S.A, Europe and Russia 500+ years to make this discovery.

jeffreyone(1383) Clarified
1 point

You're a despicable human being!


Only the government has the capability of warning people? If you see a person is about to get injured do you stay quiet because you don't work for the government?

You suggested some punishment for predicting at the wrong time,

but he was just doing a free favor....and you thank him with a slap?

But they know their boss exists. This is a ridiculous comparison.

How do i know you know but denying?

Your ignorance is not established as far as am concerned.

Perhaps, but it's...

But the guy has no degree.

Makes it easier for the gullible like you to believe it.\

What difference would it make if he gave the credit to an octopus.

Given the fact you're wrong

Come on! You proved me right not long ago.....

Good enough at least for you.

So now you're an atheist?

I don't know if it's the catholics who teach it but my bible and church never taught me God is in the sky.

I will never forgive myself i impossibly be an atheist(fuckwit, bigot, idiot).

I'm interested for as long as the discussion remains relevant to the topic. You have skewed this so far away from anything regarding the LGBT community

I was attracted by your lines not the topic. And it takes us to a different dimension.

People almost always have a problem with what i post on CD, but am being denied the right to do same?really?

jeffreyone(1383) Clarified
1 point

Here's an article that was found among others by doing a quick search

1. Tell me how many roads in the world have no record of accidents.

2.The accident you're referencing was close not actually there.

3. It was once and there are roads with several.

4.He didn't say the tragedy was going to happen on the road but rather, he said a soul among the students had been sold to the spirit that inhabits the waterfall, so it was best to avoid that path or reschedule for another day.(this indicates specific day, he did mention the time(local dialect)).

he should be held liable for not making the effort to actually tell anybody who could actually do something about it instead of making some claim on a late night radio show.

Does he work for the government?

Nope, I don't believe satan exists

Some have never seen the face of their bosses.its normal

con artist in your video made a guess.

It will take a lot of wit to guess that.

Why give the credit to God?

Seriously? If that were true we wouldn't even be discussing this and I'd be on your side of this superstitious nonsense.

You are not scared of being fooled but of the possibility of it being true, which could damage your head.

So a pointless, waste of time...thanks

Do you not use a plastic skeleton before you move a real bones?

Plus i elaborated explicitly but you ignored it....

Where's your PhD? Besides, you believe in a man in the sky and you want to try to explain psychology?

In psychology, am a beginner, but i did a presentation and it went well.....good enough for you.......

A man in the sky? Says who?Your priest?

Gotta admit, with the bizarre tangents you keep taking I'm getting bored of this

If anyone should be bored or annoyed, should be me and even back dating it.

Again, you proved me right..."no sense of delight" are not as happy as you it is debatable...(not interested though)

jeffreyone(1383) Clarified
1 point

As I stated before, in his "prophecy" he said if the school were to still take the trip to at least avoid the main Kintampo road. Again, his claim was that tragedy would happen on the road, and a quick Google search shows just how common accidents occur in that particular area making the chances of such a tragedy quite likely.

Ah what nonsense are you saying?

That accidents regularly happen on that road says who?

Even so, did he talk about a waterfall or road. And about this you still challenge me about my language on what he said. What nonsense?

You are not an atheist, you work for satan.

I don't know about where you are, but teen suicide and other deaths are not exactly uncommon here

You are not in my country and you can't tell me what is not rare or is here.

What calculation? He makes a "prediction" that is just vague enough to have a good chance of coming true. That's how all of these con artists work, but there's no mathematical formula for it.

By this you imply they are the most intelligent people in the world.

NASA, or weather forecasters calculate before they predict.

But why would they give the credit to God?

Nope, don't need to. People are just as easily fooled in person as they are from video.

People like you?

You claim the video wasn't true which just goes to show how gullible people can be. many times should i say that was for just demonstration?

Its like an experiment

How can you sense anything from just words but no tone? Besides that, it isn't up for debate since you can't argue it.

It is coming from your brain.


jeffreyone(1383) Clarified
1 point

Actually he did. Look elsewhere and you can find english transcriptions of it and he does specifically state all the children would die. He also did not specify a time or date, he simply stated a school class is planning a trip and they need to cancel it otherwise they would die AND if they were to proceed with it, to at least avoid the specific road, implying it wasn't the waterfall that was the peril.

Are you trying to translate my own native language to me?

Did you hear what he said on radio before the event?

I never suggested this and how dare you suggest otherwise. My point is I don't believe in prophecy and this guy is nothing more than a con artist.

So then what do you mean by he said all will die but not all died? He shouldn't have cautioned because it was 18?

You don't believe in prophecies but there are a few more of irrefutable ones i add.....

Like a prophet at the beginning of the year prophesied a lot of youth's suicides and other deaths....

Just between february 25 and March 18, 3 students of three different universities(here) commited suicide, plus another at home with her mum.

I have links....Just not necessary.

This isn't proof of anything.

Then derive the formula for his calculation.

This video isn't proof of anything. Why should I even believe this video to be authentic?

You can take a flight to the church to see more.

So if this video was a scam it just goes to show how gullible religious people can be.

I don't know how you understood it but from this i can tell how poor your comprehension skill is.

On the contrary, I greatly enjoy religious debates.

There is zero sense of delight in your words.

My questions are worded as such because when you actually look at the text without the blinders of belief and faith, the stories are actually quite absurd.

But at least it should go in line with the original story right?.....

You always bring your own new story on board.........

Which i know nothing annoying.

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