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RSS Kamranw

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1 point

Hmmmm......where do I begin????????

I will start with the worst regret......"I do"


1 point

It is very important to wait till marriage as the article above points out. The sexual promiscuity of today's society, is one of the major reasons that divorce rates and single parenting rates continue to skyrocket. Sex is something that is meant to be shared with that special someone.

1 point

OMG you are just ignorant! Its not about being a child! Its about those that hit hard times! Show some compassion! You make everything sound so black and white, news flash......its not!!

1 point

No system is fail safe. The system you suggest will not really help them at all.

It should be enough if they don't have to pay it back with interest.

That is just outrageous, they got laid off or are starving so they should be thankful they are drowning in debt just because its not with interest? A government is not truly doing its job if it is not taking care of its people.

1 point

I am not disputing that productive people lead to success however, making them pay it back will set them back even further in the long run, therefore, making the rich richer and the poor poorer. It is possible to have strict regulation to prevent people from taking advantage without making them pay it back.

Such as, a required amount of resumes handed out and interviews a week, weekly or monthly checkups on people who are unsuccessful at finding jobs and you could even provide access to job placement agencies.

1 point

Under the system I envision, the amount of tax paid by the employer is decreased because it gets replenished by the employee.

I see what you mean, but I do not agree with the employer's taxes being decreased. It seems that all your proposals simply help the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Any money the laid off employee gets is free money.

Once again, it is not free money as they pay income taxes.

1 point

Why should she have to pay it back? In the example given, she has been paying taxes in to the system for the past 12 years. So what if she has to take some out due to an uncontrollable circumstance?

3 points

Ha ha! So instead of embracing what 99% of industrialized countries do, lets destroy them so our citizens won't notice the flaw in our system. You know Joe, you give Americans on this website a bad name. If I was to gage American thinking based on you, I would think, Americans are stuck up, ignorant, racist, brainwashed idiots. Thankfully, I know hundreds of Americans who will gladly admit their system is flawed even if they do not agree with ours.

1 point

I thought the point of it was for me to get my point across

Well if thats the point, its not working so far. ;)

1 point

OK, first off, this analogy makes no sense. I am talking about giving them status, if they become self sufficient in lets say 6 months, they stay, if not you kick them out. You are not inviting them to live with you, you are giving them the opportunity to a better life.

The real problem is the companies hiring these people for below minimum wages illegally, tackle them first. If the illegal immigrants had no way of working until becoming legal, your problems would be cut in half. As I said though, this is a whole different debate.

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