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RSS Logicaljoe

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1 point

You CAN tickle yourself. I do it all the time LOL.

What you can't do is sneeze with your eyes open. Try it. Can't be done (without help).

1 point

Death is not inevitable. It's the other way around.

Life is inevitable. The question is where you will spend

that life.

When you change the way you think, you will being to change the way you see and understand things.

1 point

Japanese are quite perverted, but that doesn't mean there's something wrong with that.

"Thinking is difficult, that's why most people judge." - Carl Jung


1 point


God DOES exist. Now think about that :)


2 points

nobody converts anyone. If you think that, then you do not understand or know the doctrine of salvation. People do not convert anyone. People cannot save souls. I can convert people to like Coke over Pepsi or convert you to become a vegan or meat eater, or convert you to be a Mac or PC person. You can't convert someone to be a Christian. I won't explain it, but theologically, that is inaccurate. That is not how you become a Christian.

1 point

Man's scientific truths are always incorrect (not God's). It's not to say that it can't be trusted, only that you have to leave room for human error. How many times have we heard scientists flip flop from decade to decade? They say something is true 10 years ago only to disprove it and say another thing today. In 10 years from now, again, scientists will disprove themselves as new discoveries are made again. So, please, don't look at science or human beings as being flawless, inerrant, and godly. We have and will always make a lot of errors and mistakes, no matter how advanced you think we are.

1 point

It's the goal/mission of those elitists whom we can't name. One world government....all the wars will be about this.....those who want a one world government/religion and those who don't.

If anything, we should protect "countries" and "sovereignty of those nations" to prevent this from ever happening.....but sadly, we are only stats and numbers to "them". Didn't you know this already? What did you think this whole made-up "multiculturalism policy" was? You didn't actually know? (rhetorical question) I already saw it coming a mile away as a 6 year old. Multiculturalism has nothing to do with promoting world peace or living in harmony. That's the bullshit lie of all time. It's all about creating a one world......which is the worst thing you could ever have in this world. YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE ONE, it will be the death of us all.

2 points

si si, better than having a mosque at every corner (like they do in UK).

1 point

No, men have gotten more weak and submissive, which makes it seem like women are more aggressive now.

In the old days, men were real men (in a bad way) and tamed the "bitches". We don't tame them anymore. Now they are dogs let loose, like Hillary.

1 point

She's a pathological liar. She has zero ounce of authenticity in her. The end times is marked with "deception" as the sign. Therefore, Americans will get fooled and watch all the ads and news that pump out good things about hillary and bad things about trump and vote for hillary to be the president.

Some of you have spent 10, 20, 50 years of your lives learning and trying to be "smart" about politics. I didn't even have to spend 10 minutes of my life to know that Hillary is going to win and that the system has been rigged for a long time.


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