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RSS Minimurph83

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8 most recent arguments.

That looks brutal aswell!! that poor cop its an outrage!!

2 points

Change the first letter of gum to C and you've got yourself a deal!!

I would cut off a finger if found guilty! if there caught thieving again another finger and so on and so on!! and at some stage they will think shit! im running out of fingers better change my career!

im more than aware I don't get to decide who and what live where, but if I had a choice hypothetically speaking, I would choose not to live in a multicultural town, city or country.

We do live divided generally, there are areas in America and here in Britain where one culture is vastly dominant if not totally dominant, in general this is a common process races / cultures tend to seek out areas where there race is more prominent, they don't tend to choose to live in areas where they are the minority, im not speaking for all but its a general trend.

the definition of "Multiculturalism" is the co-existence of diverse cultures, where culture includes racial, religious, or cultural groups and is manifested in customary behaviours, cultural assumptions and values, patterns of thinking, and communicative styles.

that's the ideal blue print for multiculturalism, and living in this ideology doesn't suit my personal beliefs, im well aware I have no choice so I function as required, im not overtly racist I keep my opinions to myself in everyday life as it serves no purpose to show that side of me.

it works well for some but not for others, but we didn't get a choice on this ideology it was forced upon us, I didn't say I don't like other cultures I said I don't like living with other cultures, and it doesn't work, if it works then why do we live so divided? black ghettos, Hispanic ghettos, white trailer parks, Asian ghettos, we naturally find comfort within our own races, there's no place on earth which is perfectly multicultural.

2 points

the multicultural living ideology forced upon us, I don't like it I don't want it, I would prefer to live amongst people of the same ideology as myself, I know the world is a multicultural place, but if I want to experience a different culture I would visit that place not live amongst it, multicultural living doesn't work, it creates greater divide, and a bitterness towards another's culture, its not possible to live in total harmony with clashing cultural beliefs.

2 points

the limp left will never be an option for me!! the more the world continues in the direction its going the further to the right I will go! plus im right handed!

The illegal ones yes! if you immigrate legally then no you have been accepted so your free to stay, but if you immigrate illegally then back you go!

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