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RSS Moderatemark

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10 most recent arguments.

Really? Are you back on solid foods yet? Or is that the medication?

How the hell did I get to number 5? This is like the highest accomplishment of my life.

I mean I don't even place, but I finish just behind those who do.

I think it's like maybe 1 part genuine debate and 3 parts mass boredom. A hundred years ago we'd all need to go outside and kill something, either to keep it from eating our goat, or just so that we'd have something for breakfast. Now, we've built a world, where I really wouldn't need to get out of bed in the morning, if it wasn't for the strong urge to pee. Believe me, I thought about one of those little piss jars, like they use in the hospital (don't act like you haven't thought of that), but sometimes you just have to get up to remind yourself that you didn't die in your sleep. I take a took in the mirror. Oh, fuck! I'm still here.

I actually just changed my position on this. I agree some arguments can be made in less 50 characters, but I'm reading this whole rash of "Obviously, yes" "I agree"

"Me too". None of which are arguments. Have the balls to take a position and put a little something out there.

No, it's not acceptable for the dog to be lazy. The only reason why the quick brown foxes keep getting away with their bullshit is because the dog won't get off his ass do his job. It serves him right.

Just so you know, women don't shit blood. If she's shitting blood, it's hemorrhoids or some other dire medical condition. The blood each month comes from a completely different channel.

When you say that the average woman gives birth to three children, that statistic is really so 1950s. According to the 2000 census, the average number of children is actually .9. So, you can see a lot of women aren't having children at all. So, if she's still using the Mama excuse for not getting ahead in the workplace, it's pathetic.

As you say, in a typical relationship the woman is most likely to stop her career and stay home with the kids. That's because it's socially acceptable for her to do so.

When you're a woman, it's perfectly acceptable to be without a job at any point during your life. No one looks at you like you're a loser. If you're a man, even if you have plenty of money, women look down on you if you don't work.

When it comes to looks, I understand what you're saying, but women have got it all wrong. I think most women look absolutely ridiculous the way they fix themselves up like whores. I don't think you should have to wipe through five layers of make-up to see what a person really looks like. Nor do I think smearing thick black shit around her eyes makes her look alluring. It makes her look like a clown.

I don't know about the explosion part, but "blue balls" is a real medical condition.

This is science, damn it. I don't have to have supporting evidence. It's a "theory". Now, it's incumbent upon you to disprove it.

It's one of the biggest conspiracies in the history of science. Physicists have long argued that centrifugal force and the planets gravity actually pulled us down. The truth is that gravity is an external force pushing you down. That's why it's so hard to get into outer space. The higher you go the stronger the gravity.

Scary? No. Perhaps the stupidest trailer I have ever seen

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About Me

"I was born down in a dead man's town. The first kick I took was when I hit the ground."

Biographical Information
Name: Mark Hopper
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Jewish
Education: Post Grad

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