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RSS Ptosis

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1 point

sort of like the self-replicating machines that would take over the universe. ( it was in a sci-fi TV show - the one with the giant dragonfly as the spaceship)

1 point

I thought that was Austrailia, the religious criminals wanted to leave GB for religious freedom such as the Puritans, who then decided that any non-Puritan was a second class citizen. Freedom to be intolarant of other people's freedoms.

2 points

Hell is other people so - no - rather be alone (with rum) on a deserted island ala 'Jack Sparrow'

1 point

I don't agree with the author's anti-Zionist stance but here is the url

1 point

cc-sking - I like the hybrid style. No the totally skinny ones like you see on the oylmpics, and not the fully stiff wide ones but the kind that are in-between. with the little fish scales bottoms so don't need to put on skin to go uphill.

Do not reccomend going down hile slope on cross-country skiing. I tried at a ski resort and my ass-divots were all over the snow.

If you are going to try cross-country skiing, start with a LEVEL playing ground.

3 points

Although the prediction models are not being played out as ... predictiable, possible answers as to why are explored. One is that because China is putting out a new coal factory a day may be a cause of unexpected cooling in the Global Warming- (propaganda for the coal industry?).

The one I adhere to is a acceleration of Milankovitch cycles -

The eccentricity of the Earth's orbit, the axial tilt, and and precession of the equinoxes are called Milankovitch Cycles and are used to calculate very long term climate changes. The current trends of the tilt and precession cycles should be making the Earth colder according to Figure 2 on the USDA Climate Change Resource Center website.

Supporting Evidence: milankovitch cycle and the Mayan 2012 precession calender (
1 point

Too Late! i already copied it and made decals for my fishing boat! Gonna sell 'em on ebay. Check out my ebay store!

Relax - I didn't......

Supporting Evidence: ptosistheseus Ebay Profile (
1 point

Looks like one of those funny mirrors at the carnival except this kid is video taping it. The added technology of being able to record it without a lot of money or equipment is the only difference.

1 point

Is that like californication or being californicated? ;P Obamarama= old stories being rerun for re-election purposes.....

2 points

Oooooooookay - I don't have a video WTF - just look up WTF in Google images for the following:

WARNING! WARNING! Guys - what EVER you do - do NOT look up "big balls" in google images with the SafeSearch off/ -

Teeee-heeeee - it will take two days to erase those images that will burn into brain.


Another WTF image of a warrior princess:


How about a real life WTF - it's was one of the Ig Noble prizes - oh - yeah - save this one to ultimate insult someone:

Homosexual Necrophilia in the Mallard Duck. The 'scientist' says that after 75 of observation he felt that he had enough . . jeez I would disturb the scene after a few minutes - 20 minutes tops .

Supporting Evidence: The Guy who studied Homosexual Necrophilia in the Mallard Duck (
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