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RSS Sauh

Reward Points:1106
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1 point

No, clearly it is best to be able to have all the sensory input available; as long as you can control it. They have these new things call ear plugs, or a private study with thick oak door no one is allowed to enter without permission. It's called keeping your children under control.

2 points

The only thing at the bottom of the glass is an order for a refill.

2 points

I disagree. The people on CD that have nothing better to do than bitch and argue can be found on <--- this side.

They kind of admit it by posting under this heading.

2 points

I think that it is in extremely bad taste to cast dispersion's on such majestic birds, especially when they are sick.

1 point

Yeah, so is it wrong that I first found this arousing?

This is only representative of new users of the site that are all fresh and want to honestly debate, waiting for that first slap of unreasoned bullshit; then they realize its best to slap hardest.

Also; R.I.P. The acting career of Haley Joel Osmans (or whatever, too lazy to look up spelling) aka Fat Mac.

1 point

If they wanna die, either lend a hand or get out of the way.

Did nobody else get this?

sauh(1106) Clarified
1 point

Why am I telling you?; I'm telling everybody!_

1 point

I agree, but I am confused by the masturbation comment; I have always needed both hands to masturbate.

2 points

I am well aware (and sympathetic) to your hatred of Jews, Negros, gays, gypsies, etc.; but I am shocked and dismayed at your ignorance (and/or) intolerance of hermaphrodites.

Hitler; you sir, have lost my respect.

1 point

Are there many people confused about the Adolf Hitler to whom you are referring? Because when I hear 'Adolf Hitler' only one guy comes to mind; but if I just here 'Jesus' I have to figure out if its Jesus the gardener, Jesus the mechanic, Jesus the guy who sells oranges on the free-way, or Jesus of Nazareth.

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About Me

"My motto: "Fuck'em, if they can't take a joke""

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States

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