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RSS Sirius

Reward Points:367
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No modern country has the potential to take over the world.

1 point

"This is assuming, of course, ... all the water in the ocean was drinkable"

1 point

If each human on earth were to drink the recommended amount of water per day (1.9 liters), it would take them 259,931,901.5 years to drink 1.2348E21 liters (the amount of water in the oceans). This is assuming, of course, that each human, including babies, would have to drink 1.9 liters a day, all the water in the ocean was drinkable, and all water that was drank by someone would not find its way back in to the ocean.

Supporting Evidence: Amount of water in the ocean (
2 points

I think people should be forced to pay in only extreme cases. What if a poor woman gets raped?

2 points

Definitely FOX. The people in the White House should not be whining as much as they are about the criticism that they are getting from one news station.

1 point

The United States would lose millions upon millions more if they take that path. If you give people a gain to commit crimes, more crimes will be committed.

1 point

The gain of shooting more bullets into that guy is less than the actual monetary cost of the extra bullets.

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