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RSS Stratos

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1 point

Yes, but we can see teenage pregnancies prevalent nowadays, me as a teenager can notice that most of the time, kids in my age aren't that interested in education, they would rather prefer stupidity (Pop Culture) over intellectual materials. I can tell that teenagers are more rebellious rather than the older generation high-school drop-outs, drugs, alcohol and violence.

1 point

And what does this even mean? You're giving out hypothetical that doesn't even make any sense, make valid and stated facts not insults that doesn't point to anything.

1 point

I think this is Infact true, me myself a 14 year old. I hate this Pop culture that's surrounding teenagers like me, it reduces the intelligence of a specific person, In a world where stupidity is prevalent I think education is necessary. The Greatest enemy of teenagers is Stupidity,Ignorance and the lack of respect toward Older people.

1 point

In the comics and the contexts, does it say he's gay? well the obvious answer would be no.

1 point

I can actually agree with that idea, this kind of idealism can sometimes lead into rape and can objectify the human body as just a sex object.

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"I'm proud to say I'm 14 years old (no kidding), I'm aspiring for Law school"

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