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1 point

Assholes are people too!..........................................

2 points

It is unbelievable to me! If you cared about others as much as you say you would not name call. Dumbass

0 points

4 & 5) Stopping people from dying is worth a slight hit to the economy.

Dude your still living in your parents basement? we need jobs! at least you are covered under your Mommy's plan until your 26.

1 point

I demand Dental Insurance!......................are you with me?.....


1 point

Nice........blame the white guy.........thats an easy target...........

1 point

Personally I have never voted a straight ticket in my life! but I'm thinking about it in 2012

2 points

Lets say the government changes its stance and we allow Illegal Aliens to get "financial aid' for collage or in state tuition, they fill out the paper work and have no income what so ever (all payments have been under the table) so the kid gets a full boat scholarship and an American kid (citizen) has to go to the community collage because no aid is available for the working family's kid and the last seat was taken at the good schools by an illegal alien. sounds fair to me! if I moved to Brazil would I get a free ride to collage?

2 points

You honestly think a Government run program that is projected to cost a Trillion dollars over ten years (keeping in mind we all pay the premiums (taxes) the first four years with the actual insurance stating in 2014) is going to bring down the national dept? The Congressional Budget Office estimates have always been underestimates! This is a job killer, why would anyone hirer right now with all this uncertainty.

Buying insurance is a matter of choice! most low income households have two T.V.'s, smoke and drink! its all a choice.

1 point

of course!!!....................most of them...................................

1 point

I have a Boston Terrier! great breed, very loyal, but yours is nice too!

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