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RSS Westernslave

Reward Points:695
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10 most recent arguments.

thats like saying your anus is a vagina, despite all the dicks it receives

sucking their cocks doesnt put you in the club

youre lack of balls would count you out of the revolution.

when the shit hits the fan, your bitch ass will be deep in your cellar.

westernslave(695) Clarified
1 point

trying taking a shit in europe...their toliets are messed up over least in amsterdam. the hole is in the front of the bowl, and you shit onto a shelf that barely has any water on it. if you dont flush immediately after the "bomb" the room will instantly start to stink.

westernslave(695) Clarified
1 point

you vote with your gun and agree to start/help a revolution aimed at bringing down the whole corrupt house. libertarian, green party, or any other future party will have no chance against the system thats currently running shit

just look at how many real choices we get to pick from each term and all the stipulations there are to be in the runnings. its obviously a fixed game. and if somebody that may actually get in there that may make a difference (like ron paul) you bet your ass they are going to demonize the shit out of him and probably assassinate JFK style if they become a real threat.

both parties work for the same masters you stupid fuck. when it comes to decisions/changes that really matter....they both stick together. 2 sides of the same fucking coin. you fucking idiots need to stop accepting the red/blue gangs and see the true problem within.

poor you :( was she jewish by chance?

"great aunt"? so according to much did the bitch win?

if she won over 50 million, then it may be proven...but not if its a small sum like i talked about in the description. then im still calling bullshit on the lottery

wasnt your father white?

did you see that boxing match don king arranged in africa? i wonder why he didnt call it "the rumble in the savanna"?

maybe because everything isnt meant to be taken so literally?

nice try fuckface

the key word is "animal"...not the type of geography in which they came from.

i know, the OP is a moron...trying to create a half azz debate.

he could have easily said $10, 12, or 15...but he didnt...he used the federal minimum wage goal of $10.10.

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Winning Position: i believe in miracles
Winning Position: Aside from religion/god/etc...what was/is the biggest lie ever told AND BELIEVED by most?
Winning Position: of course they did
Winning Position: yes, im a dumbfuck tax payer
Winning Position: which youtube channel is the best?
Winning Position: NO

About Me

"if you are reading this, then chances are i made you feel like the dumbfuck you are."

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: Masters

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