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RSS Xander

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I got tired of having the same argument with different idiots for a while. You know how it goes.

1 point

My god, joe, when did you turn into a teenage girl? I hope t isn't permanent.

1 point

This argument is far more eloquent than your previous one. I like this one! Then again, you might be one of the one percent that may or may not control forty percent of my pussy- wait, no, I control the entirety of my lady-parts.

1 point

Controlled? Pussy? I swear to god, all of the guys in this debate must be campaigning for the longest dry spell ever. Ladies distribute themselves where they damn well see fit. We aren't property or tradeable or exchangeable- this is like me demanding your testosterone, it's stupid.

1 point

Allow me to rebut. I am a liberal lady, and my lady-parts aren't property- they're a part of my person, which isn't property either. Treating ladies like cargo isn't going to get anyone laid- not that YOU would know ANYTHING about not getting laid.

1 point

Yes- he immigrated from Africa. My babysitter when I was younger was French-American, and preferred to be referred to as such, though racially (social construct, I know) she was black. one should be classified by most recent descent IF that's what they prefer. it would be easier to not have to fight over race, though, and make more meaningful distinctions- perhaps ethnically? I suppose then you would have lots of small ethnic groups in areas with indigenous population in a relatively intact state; Western Europe an America would probably bleed together into a sort of Euro-merican ethnicity, with sub-groups within,

1 point

Hey. Whoa. Resentment!

What's more, liberals are pretty much always (as a group) way younger than conservatives- which makes us way more attractive.

ALSO, what is this "their" women bullshit? "Oh, yeah, I took Jane-the-Sweater from Bob the other day. Man, he was pissed, but what a perfect fit!"

Ladies aren't a resource, and we can sleep with whomsoever we feel- whatever political party they are affiliated with.

1 point

If you're in any position to -dar, then it's pretty accurate. then again, I only gaydar on those I have good reason to believe are gay- the ultra conservative, super sensitive friend who always checks out guys asses, for instance, or the girl who seems to take every opportunity that presents itself to make out with other girls. Those people? Probably bi or gay. Otherwise, ehhhh, whatever.

1 point

Obviously you like boobs, joe!

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1 point

I sort of agree with Kinda- why have arobot when you can have aperfectly good man?

However, I resent the comment that women can be bought, as that applies mostly to prostitutes.

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