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RSS ZlUnreal

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1 point

Suicide Squad


1 point

If you are like me (A Christian) you believe that he died and rose again. So in the eyes of a Christian the wood lost :D

2 points

If Planned Parenthood was so "Planned" there would be no abortions.

1 point

I do not think we should be furthering the agenda of a community full of mental disturbed and confused individuals who believe that sex or gender are malleable. Instead of appeasing to them to preserve their feelings we should help them seek medical attention. What we are doing now is similar to having your grandfather tell you his lamp is talking to him and then saying "you know what grandpa, you are right the lamp is talking to you."

1 point

Trumps reversal on transgender bathrooms is a great thing. I would like to explain why, but I would rather leave it up to the greatest biologist to ever walk the earth.

1 point

If we as Conservatives give up on the liberals, it makes us no better then them who call us deplorable, racist, sexist, etc. We think they are wrong but we do not think it is impossible for them to come over to the side of logic and reason.

2 points

This woman literally explains feminism within the first five seconds.

2 points

This woman literally explains feminism within the first five seconds.

3 points

Modern day Feminism is "Full of crap". Feminism has be altered from a movement that fights for women's rights into a man hating philosophy. Feminism has as much to do with hating men as it does with empowering women. It tells women that there’s a “patriarchy” out there that doesn’t exist, that men have it better than women, plays up any and all grievances between men and women, tells women they’re victims, and generally does all it can to promote gains for women at the expense of men. Feminism is more of man hating philosophy than it is a way to lift up women.

1 point

Identity politics is slowly destroying this country. Its changing the meaning of the First Amendment from the right to say whatever you want to the right to be comfortable.

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