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RSS Zproach

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Man, wouldn't that be great to have no government... wait.... but will happen to the roads... my water... who's going to stop all of these shoplifters... crap we're being invaded by Mexico... sure wish we had an army... great now a giant monopoly is charging me exuberant prices...sure wish there was some sort of organization to stop this from happening.

Let's put it this way... there is a reason that governments exist... it's because they are beneficial to mankind... they give us structure, justice, and order.

1 point

Well... that's what it can become... what will actually happen is a different story.

Also this is an example of what happens when a healthcare system has its funding cut.

1 point

Well that's a great question...what if. Though when trying to objectively measure what happened the scientific method is the way to go. You take a gander at something, then you try to see if that is what actually happens. the problem with God ,though, is that he is supposed to be beyond the means of physically measuring. This means that we can't test for his existence and thus we can't use him as a source for anything in any serious scientific quandary. evolution and chemical biogenesis can be tested and have been... the results do side with their favor as well...

but then again it is a big "what if" question.

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: High School

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