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Thats me wearing sunglasses. Do you not like it or something? I can change it again and again.

Im an LxL? No. For one you still havent told me what that means.

Happy now? I changed it. Whats next?

What is an LxL?

Also would you like me to post a picture of me and Azra together to clear her up as well?

Lol no. Want me to change it? What do you want me to do? Do you want it changed as proof or something?

How do you want me to prove it? Hmmm? What me to prove we arent fakes? Because thats bullshit.

What the fuck? How the fuck do you fake a profile pic? How the hell are we fucking fakes? Who do you think we belong to then? Because downvoting me for a damn rumor is bullshit.

You downvoted because of what I said? Its an exaggeration. Thats no need to downvote someone.

Realy Hellno? You downvote me for no damn reason? Wow.

Dude me and my girl smoke some weed maybe like 360 days in a year.

This generation barely smokes weed

Lol. You must be of our generation.

Very moody. Very moody indeed.

That it the point of terrorism. They way to cause terror by killing people. I dont know if they deserve the death penalty though.

It was am accident. I got used to pressing dispute. My bad.

Hahaha like a pro.

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