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Or you can just call them a retardant pissant ;)

Instead of calling someone a pissant, call them retardant ;)

Yes, the whole issue is retardant ;)

1 point

The problem I have always found is that retardants are free to call other people retardants. It makes reality quite confusing for the innocent bystander.

We can use it to describe those retardants that inhibit the spread of wild ideas ;)

Some vague and obscure reference to instrumental music on a debate about rap music ;)

1 point

Some Alex Jones support of what Fox News said. ;)

Some Fox News spin ;)

1 point

Some fake News ;)

Grammar correction. ;)

1 point

A personal insult. ;)

1 point

A sarcastic remark. ;)

1 point

A pointless disagreement. ;)

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