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"Can you grasp what the Left has done? If it is not life threatening, late term viable babies deserve the right to life no matter what inhuman selfish fools think."

Not at the expense of another persons wellbeing or rights. I've already explained that wellbeing covers much more than just life or death. Think carefully on the analogy I gave and ask yourself if you think it was ethical or not.

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You make a good point.

And by doing so you basically confirm that yes, we are the "blue eyed devil."

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Half true.

Just start the sentence with "Ism" and you're more accurate. Living by any ideology or dogma is about defining everything in set parameters and then endorsing or rejecting depending on that parameter. Liberalism can indeed do this. So can conservatism. So can any "ism".

With your one broad statement used by the abortion lobby of so called "health of mother", you have allowed ALL ABORTIONS FOR ANY REASON UP TO BIRTH!

Can you grasp what the Left has done? If it is not life threatening, late term viable babies deserve the right to life no matter what inhuman selfish fools think.

What's so sick about people like you? You have no probem supporting the killing of special needs babies for merely being different!

Those special olympic children (Down syndrome children who love life) who are paraded across the track fields by hypocrites, are beng erradicated my many European nations, simply for being diverse and different from others.

How sick and intolerant can those on the Left become?

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In that regard, black people are WAYYY ahead..

Except for White gay men. Some of those guys raise insult delivery to an art form.

A really catty drag queen can take the delivery to a professional level, and some actually do. The waitresses (waiters?) and other performers at Lips in San Diego make their livings by singing Liza and Cher songs, and insulting the customers. They are HILARIOUS, but it is all in the delivery. To give you the idea, the Wednesday night show was called "Bitchy Bingo."

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Hi Excon,

In my view, it's NOT about the NUMBER of words. It's about DELIVERY.. In that regard, black people are WAYYY ahead..

I definitely agree about delivery being of paramount importance.

You are probably right about Blacks having a cultural advantage in delivery of insults.

When I taught in the inner city, some of my Black students would play Snaps. The White, Hispanic, and Asian kids never got into it. That game is targeted training in the delivery of insults. There is a lot to be said for cultural influence in the development of insult culture.

I think the ideal insult has a punch line that catches the target (or audience) by surprise. The first part of the insult should be innocuous, or better yet, should look like it might be complimentary, and then the last line needs to twist it into insult.

There is also the variation that uses double entendre, so the meaning of the statement sits and stews for a second before hitting the insulting punch.

There is a story that when Joan Crawford died, a reporter called Bette Davis up for a comment on it. Davis said, "My mother taught me not to speak ill of the dead, but to say only good. So, my comment is, 'Joan Crawford is dead. Good.'"

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Yes, you've missed off a section of the point I've made and are now attacking a strawman.

Nobody has a right to life at the expense of someone else's, or to put it simply somebody else's rights or wellbeing.

Wellbeing covers a wide array of things for both mother and child. It does include but is not limited to life and death.

I have a right to life, does that mean that if i needed a new kidney and there wasn't a donor available that the state should legislate that somebody is forced to give me one?

It won't kill them, they may have to change their lifestyle a bit, but that's just an issue of convenience.

Also I'm from the UK. We established the rules on abortions years ago and moved on to bigger issues. It's not even on the political agenda anymore.

marcusmoon(207) Clarified
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one never saw a black man or women in Ireland unless it was a tourist ; Dubliners used to joke about the late Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy fame being the only black man in Ireland

Ahh! "Black Irish." :)

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Hi Marcus , neither do I , they're merely a demonstration of the typical names used in name calling in this particular case .

Offence is not given but taken , agreed , but many blacks do in fact find these terms deeply offensive .

When I was a kid we had Golliwogs and my parents used to watch the black and white minstrel show , one never saw a black man or women in Ireland unless it was a tourist ; Dubliners used to joke about the late Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy fame being the only black man in Ireland

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Oh I WISH I could remember it. I would steal it as my own and reuse it. ;D

I think to be good at it you have to be descriptive without being overly so and imaginative.

marcusmoon(207) Clarified
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I do not see anything intrinsically insulting in many of these. Most of the items on your list are primarily insulting by fiat.

This brings up an interesting social reality. Offense in not given, but rather is taken.

Whether a person feels insulted has little to do with what is intended by the speaker, than with whether the recipient with that person has been conditioned (culturally or personally) to feel insulted by the particular slur. A scene in Clerks II illustrates this humorously. ( )

In order for a racial slur to be insulting, there needs to be something culturally distasteful in the referent of the metaphor.

Ape, Jim Fish, and porch monkey are distinct from by virtue of the animal referents, indicating being less than human, without being associated with animals commonly admired.(Black Panther was not considered insulting because large cats are cool.)

Often a term is "insulting" for no other reason than referring in an off-hand way to physical characteristics that are distinct from Whites. (e.g., bluegum, burrhead, fuzzies, powder burn, thicklips). It is worth noting that Black culture has taken references to their physical characteristics to be insulting. This indicates a self-esteem issue within the culture.

By the way, it is anomalous that Sambo is considered an insult by anyone of African descent because it is from a humorous story called "Little Black Sambo" about a rich Indian (from India) boy being tricked by a tiger.

It is a testament to how culturally impoverished racists were in the US in the late 1800s that they conflated Africa with India.

When I was a child in the 60's and 70s, there was a chain of diners in the US called Sambo's. The walls were decorated with images from the story. The pancakes came with Tiger Butter which was butter whipped with maple syrup. The chain went out of business in the early 1980s because of lawsuits by even more people who did not understand the difference between Africa and India.

Jace(4477) Clarified
1 point

Well put. By chance, do any names jump to your mind for center-left critics of identity politics?

Jace(4477) Clarified
1 point

Search "TERF" if you want to find the feminists who exclude transgenderism. Although I doubt they're a majority they are nevertheless a substantial minority, and some of them hold positions of influence in liberal circles (e.g. and esp. academia).

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ROFLOL, you just said "We all, and I include unborn children, have a right to life."

And then you say..... "I don't see any reason to afford special right's to unborn children.?

Scientists say a human life begins at conception, so tell me in all your selfish mindless inhumanity, when does your so called "foetuses" become that unborn child?

The Democrat Party says NEVER! Do you vote for these inhuman Liberal politicians who keep no restriction abortions legal?

If you do, you are supporting the deaths of innocent human lives for mere convienence. No one else is being hurt!


1 point

You conflate the right to life with right to life at someone else's expense.

That's the distinction when it comes to abortion. We all, and I include unborn children, have a right to life. None of us have the right to life at the expense of somebody else's and I don't see any reason to afford special rights to foetuses.

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Violence is not the answer ;)

1 point

It is a mistake to use Nazi tactics ;)

1 point

Islam and feminism are incompatible. Do you then condem feminism ;)

1 point

Oh..., ok ;)

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Only people can be condemned for their actions regardless of their parents' or their own religion.

AlofRI(1744) Clarified
1 point

It's not a mistake. How can anti-fascism be a mistake?? Maybe a little "overzealous" ... like the Tea Party, but with a better cause. Do conservatives think anti-fascism is a mistake?? No doubt they don't, ... if their Presidents remarks can be accepted! "...very good people on BOTH sides." Liberals don't feel ANY fascism is acceptable! I agree! We don't like Nazis any more than Fascists! And , yes, THAT'S being "inclusive"! (And we DO dictate that THOSE groups are not to be indulged in!)

1 point

Hello j:

Bashing someone over the head is NOT a Nazi technique. American cops do it every day...


2 points

Hello again, j:

Liberals DON'T condemn Islam.. I have Muslim neighbors.. They are NOT my enemy..

Lemme see.. You HATE my Muslim neighbor, but you LOVE the Nazi down the road.. You're kinda fucked up..


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You do realize that they got their tactics from the Nazis, right? ;)

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