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A few motivational words


Do not think of yourself as an ugly person


Think of yourself as gorgeous monkey





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Wait..., what? No!!!

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I was really high yesterday and I thought about how we're just apes and our homes are just caves.

W/e, I like talking about my drug use.

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Bitch please...., I'm fabulous ;)

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I once saw my friend high on LSD.

He lay under the couch for like 2 hours straight, and he waved his hand gently in the air like a cat.

He also started laughing hysterically for no reason and then got startled by something on the floor.

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I bet that made you want to try it ;)

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If you thought of your self as a good looking monkey; Wouldn't the monkeys be offended?

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Maybe I should have said, "Orangutan." They're pretty chilled ;)

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