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A future in which technology enables individuals to bypass the government?

Wilson’s 3D-printed gun could indeed disrupt gun control forever, but its biggest impact might be as a symbol of a larger idea rather than a tool for murder. It shows the path toward a future in which technology enables individuals to bypass the government, circumventing established routes of communication, avoiding federal regulation, and facilitating collaborative action. “In little, banal ways that we all agree with, we don’t realize it, but we’re all becoming anarchists,” he said, citing the illegal-yet-thriving online souk Silk Road, peer-to-peer file-sharing sites like the Pirate Bay, and the rise of the independent crypto-currency Bitcoin.

Are we all becoming anarchists?


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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“More and more, our daily activities are just done without a statist intermediary, because that intermediary,” the centralized government, in other words, “is going to disappear.” ;)

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This onlry proves that human action is uncontrollable and a direct response to gun control. Rather than buy guns, now it is easily available to make guns.

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Most people want a government (and it's rules) because of the protections it provides. Along with those rules comes things like "don't shoot your neighbor just because you want his car", or "don't steal music just because it's easy and you can", etc. So the "good" people (live by the golden rule, etc) will respect the laws of the country they live in (or work peacefully to change them) and the "bad" people won't. 3D printers or pirate bay won't change this.

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No. Because whenever the general public gets their hands on a new hacking technology the government will develop something more sophisticated that could disable the hacking software.

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