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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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An overly simplified history of humanity.

In the beginning, we were cave people and all we wanted to do was fuck and kill. Then..., we evolved and, still..., all we want to do is fuck and kill.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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That makes it sound like we haven't evolved at all.

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AlofRI(3294) Clarified
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Before we were "cave people", and even for centuries after that, we were not far from "animals". Today, we still have our share of animals that prey on others Trump, but MOST of us have "evolved" out of your historical description. That's exactly why the majority of us are against "bombing the shit out of them"! Some "Orangutans" seem to be on the slower curve of evolution

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So..., if Trump represents the side of us that likes to kill people then Hillary must represents the side of us that likes to fuck people over ;)

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The primary and most acute primal urge ANY animal has is to survive and produce progeny.

We homo sapiens are no different.

As far as the "kill" part?

Hmm...perhaps partially. We didn't get to the pinnacle of the food chain by being pacifists. And it IS in our inherent nature to compete with and try to dominate any competitors, especially if they are percieved to be a threat to our abilities to obtain what we need so as to accomplish that first primary urge I mentioned.

So this would be done by any means necessary, up to and including killing.

Make no mistake though, we HAVE evolved somewhat in this aspect, we ARE more civilized and philanthropic than ever before in the history of our species. This fact may surprise some, but it is true nonetheless. I have posted on here before links that show how the world is more peaceful, overall, than ever before in our history.


Somewhere along the way during our evolution we discovered the benefits of altruism. Of helping others. We learned to look at the bigger picture rather than just to mindlessly hunt and kill, like say a bird of prey or a shark or a lion or tiger does.

When our mind evolved to the point of self-awareness, and we developed our limbic center, and then pre-frontal cortex, we learned to reason and to feel empathy. We also became imbued with emotions. Many biologists and psychologists believe we may be the only species capable of truly feeling emotions and empathy. Or sympathy.

So sure, sex and violence are still a huge part of our psychological make-up. But both those urges have been tempered over the eons.


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ProLogos(2794) Disputed
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Umm...noo we didn't learn that. Leaders stood up and set the example and the majority simply followed the trend...

Go ahead and ask most people, they'll simply respond "because it's the right thing to do". They didn't evolve to that point...there's no reasoning behind it.

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!
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This is actually what I was saying in my own debate. Obviously, it's a lot more complex than just this, but overall, it's generally the same thing.

Whatever primordial instincts we had back in our cave man days, is actually still with us today, only we are more capable and able to rationalize, reason, debate in more diverse and open ways. In other words, we are able to look more sophisticated, make things more complicated, but in reality, it all boils down to the same thing. Good vs Evil. I'm on the side that believes that the human condition is something we cannot evolve from, we cannot cure ourselves, and technology nor intellectual advancements can solve. The human condition is a very theological doctrine and I understand that some people don't like to talk about religion or God, but since I am coming from that angle, I personally believe there is no way for humans to do enough good works that will miraculous evolve ourselves out of our own depravity and insufficiency. We are capable of appearing more sophisticated, elevated, and refined, but it's really all just a facade, a mirage, because underneath all, strip us bare, and we are still the same primal beasts that we were 2,000 years ago. This is why I fear that escalation (my personal theory) is not leading humanity towards some sort of perfected utopian society, but it is leading us ultimately to destruction and chaos. It's not really a pessimistic or cynical view, but more based religious doctrine. Are we indeed heading towards Gene Roddenberry's futuristic view of humanity? Or are we heading towards more of the gloom and doom end times scenario of destruction, chaos, corruption, and disorder?

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But I don't care to do either.

Probably because I'm retarded ahem ..I mean intellectually disabled.

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!