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Are SNL Sarah Palin Skits the best ever?

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin

Sorry, couldn't get the youtube links. But I bet you would laugh if you saw them.

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These skits are so funny that I think people should vote Republican just so that we get 4 years of good SNL skits.

I did also love the Wayne's World skits. Their fake commercials are also funny normally.

But what I am not sure about is if the Palin skits are that funny compared to all of SNL history, or that funny compared to the other crap that SNL has on!

SNL is normally not funny.

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I have definitely seen funnier skits on SNL what about the Will Ferrel scene where he is president and the whole world has gone to hell! That was one of my favorites. I thought that the debate skits were funnier than the SP skits =]

Side: No way Jose

Those were the funniest thing I had ever seen in a long time.

Side: THEY were awesome