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I never doubted that climate change had been occurring. According to science, it's always been occurring.

Sun-Climate correlation

The above article explains how solar activity correlates almost exactly with the Earth's climate. Hotter sun makes hotter planet? no way 8O

And, the writer of this article believes that humans are behind it as well. Unfortunately for the believers of that, there really is not enough good evidence to support that. While Carbon dioxide emissions gradually increase, the Earth's climate goes up and down (over the 100 year period). In fact, it matches the Solar activity... NOT CARBON EMISSIONS LOLOLOLOL!

And there's the fact that humans only contribute 3% of the Earth's total carbon emissions, so if we were to stop human carbon emissions completely... we'd only slow down global warming by 3% (if it really is carbon dioxide that's doing it).

And, methane hurts more than carbon dioxide. I will say, though, that carbon dioxide lasts longer than methane... but methane does enough damage for that to not matter.

Moral of the story? Before we jump to conclusions, let's look at the facts. We DO know that the Earth's climate shows (doesn't prove, but shows) a sort of dependence on the Solar Activity, but does NOT show a match with carbon emissions. Hmm, interesting. We DO know that 97% of carbon emissions are natural, so we can only cut out 3%, thus making hardly any difference. Hmm... fascinating.

But I am merely a skeptic. I disbelieve in all religions and conspiracy theories until someone can present irrefutable evidence. The evidence that humans cause or GREATLY contribute to climate change is not concrete enough to be irrefutable.

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qwerty5(1) Disputed
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The 3% of carbon emissions idea is idiotic...

The climate remains in equilibrium if there are only natural causes of carbon dioxide emissions. Other natural processes will compensate for these. When humans start producing some more carbon dioxide, there is nothing to compensate for it, so the effect builds up.

Think of it as a tank with 97 inlets open and 97 drains open. The water level in the tank does not change. However, if we add 3 more inlets (which will comprise only 3% of the total water flowing into the tank), the water level will start rising.

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ThePyg(6737) Disputed
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You do realize that we are part of nature... yes?

And, you do realize that carbon emissions have effected the Earth's climate long before humans even existed... yes?

So no, we do not make a difference.

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Anybody who knows about and understands climate change knows this news isn't contradictory evidence and in fact pretty much fits in the puzzle...

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I have to contend that global warming is still happening. Even though the winter is rough, it's inconsistent. "Worst Winter in 25 Years" speaks exactly to that point. However, the warm periods have been consistently hotter for many decades now. Of course the debate is not so much about if it's happening, but rather if it's harming the planet. It stands to reason that it's a typical planetary cycle of heating and cooling that has been going on for billions of years. The problem is there is just not enough data to support a cooling or warming trend since historical climate patterns can only be obtained from the geological record, which are sketchy since they are often speculative, and open to interpretation rather than hard facts. But the most current hard data does point towards a warming trend, but it's only a blink of an eyes worth of sample in the cosmic scheme of things. Regardless of what anyone really thinks, greenhouse gases and carbon emissions do screw up the air and water. Limiting these kind of pollutants will invariable help humans and the earth alike.

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many parts of the world have had a rise in temperature of about 2 degrees in the past 9 years ,

in the last 30 years carbon dioxide concentration has increased from 310 ppmv to 390 ppmv

for further facts , this link is the best

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now those facts can not be denied , anyone here to debate against me ?

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"Star supernova 'could wipe out Earth'" star-supernova-could-wipe-out-earth/

I wonder if that star has idiot extremists also . And a booming hip-pocket? seriously ...i know no-ones living there.

Please dont ask me to prove it.

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Never did and I'll probably never will ;)

But I know that there are a few die hards out there ;)

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HERE is a classic example of selfish corrupt pollitics and their climate change copouts .

NOTE: How they cut this from the air just as Peter was about to name names.

Please chech out TMA.

And please help save Peter from our corrupt government.

NOTE; This is not a request for donations.

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Never really have bought into the whole global warming thing. But if it were true, it wouldn't really bother me much, because what truly matters is not this side of the door, but the other side after this life is over. Living a life that honors God and that truly loves others is what matters.

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Mother Earth gets her "periods" too thats all!

Maybe she will go thru "men-o-pause" one day , but today is not it!

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Winter Could Be Worst in 25 Years for USA...

you mean so it was this bad 25 years ago?

3 Deaths Due To Cold...

make sure you keep warm.

Pensioners burn books for warmth..

How clever , especially with the cost of fuel compared to that of books.

Maybe thats what the old guy ,who they found dead , in his house , should have done.

30 below normal ....

Its all right , its not the end of the world ,it will be over by next weekend.

Seoul buried in heaviest snowfall in 70 years...

I wonder if we will see this in another 70 years?

Vermont sets 'all-time record for one snowstorm'...

heey thats deeep maan.

etc etc etc

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Mother Nature

She is a little more fiesty this year .

But can you blame her ?

Men claiming to know her cycles .

Calling her periods ,global warming.

Im just glad i have her.

Let her do what she wants with her body!

We have!

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