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Does government have the right to promote behavior that benefits the country?

Think carefully because by promoting certain behaviour some people will feel left out and start demanding rights.  I call this the "But what about meeee?!?!?!" syndrome ;)


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Absolutely not

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I don't know why the government couldn't promote behaviours. Nobody's being forced to do anything, only encouraged. It's perfectly alright with me when the government promotes recycling or eating healthfully or reporting crime.

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If the government doesn't promote behavior that benefits the country and the country falls apart, then they wont have anyone to govern. ;)

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Spoonerism(831) Disputed
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I'm going to need an example or two on "behaviors" the government should promote that would benefit the country.

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By taxing the hell out of cigarettes, by fining anyone not wearing a seat belt, etc to try and keep certain heal care costs down. Other governments subsidize having kids to promote higher birth rates. Tax credits for being green, etc.

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