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I like to live the fantasy. Give me a real woman.
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 I like to live the fantasy. (2)
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First world women are childlike.


First world women shave their arm pits and nether regions and thus look like little girls.  They even shave their mustaches if they have one.  They put on tons of makeup to hide their wrinkles.  They get face lifts when the makeup no longer works.  They use Botox to prevent the wrinkles in the first place.  They remove their moles, especially if there’s a hair growing out of it.  They try to maintain boyish hips and reduce the size of their butt.  They wear yoga pants and imitate the manerisms of contemporary young women.  They have extremely high pitch voices and they aim to find a man who will take care of them so they don't have to work.  The only thing that separates them from little girls are their big breasts which are often fake.  Men look at women’s breasts because that is the only clue they have that they are women.  In contrast, women on other parts of the world look like real women.

I like to live the fantasy.

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Give me a real woman.

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When you've seen how ugly women with moustaches and wrinkles in poverty look you will like first world women because they are so much sexier.

I don't care if it's fake, it's sexier.

Unlike most guys I have absolutely nothing against natural, hairy, women but I admit that a child-like woman gives me a better hard-on.

Side: I like to live the fantasy.

Pedo ;)

Side: I like to live the fantasy.
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I rarely wear makeup, but I can see your point. Girls in my school (especially the juniors and a-levels) seem to have no clue that their hair looks like a birds nest and their face like they've smeared mud on it. And you'd expect the adults to be a little better... but no! Some people never learn how to properly apply makeup and totally kill their hair with colouring, spraying and straightening. Bitchy rant over.

Side: Give me a real woman.
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hehehe :P

Side: Give me a real woman.
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But yes they do really begin to look far too much like barbie dolls....

Side: Give me a real woman.
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Here's an interesting fact. The terms First World, Second World and Third World were developed by Mao Zedong. First World powers were the superpowers, the USSR and the USA. Second World states were the superpowers' allies like the UK, Poland et cetera. Third World countries were part of the Non-Aligned movement. Like Yugoslavia, and so on. It didn't have anything to do with wealth.

Side: Give me a real woman.

hm that is very interesting, thank you for that information

Side: Give me a real woman.