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For or against? Don't ask, don't tell

Getting rid of Don't Ask, Don't Tell will not change the U.S. military.  Do you really think that if they changed the rules that gay men in the military will come out of the closet?


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Wait...., what...., no!

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What do you think would happen if a Gay G.I. let it be known that he was gay and later that day he was perceived to be staring at another G.I.'s junk in the shower?

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From a personal friend who served in the Marines unlike President Obama or Secretary Gates, he believes that it will have adverse effects because before it didn't matter whether someone was gay or cared, but now, it will change how soldiers interact with one another.

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Bohemian(3858) Disputed
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As someone who is currently serving I don't think it makes much difference at all. Most showers these days (depending on where you are at) have dividers so you get more privacy. If you're really that concerned about someone staring at your naughty bits, you always have the option of covering them up with your hand. Problem solved.

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Republican2(348) Disputed
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No, it is certainly not "problem solved". I too am enlisted in the service, and I don't want someone looking at my "naughty bits" whether they can see them or not. It's a matter of how we are able to get along and work together, not the shower staring itself. You of all people should understand that. I would not feel comfortable at all serving with someone who fantasized about me, and a lot of people feel the same way. When you serve, you are agreeing to suppress certain facets of your individuality for the common good. No service member should do anything that detracts from the common good. Coming out of the closet included.

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Not really sure about your two side options so I'll put mine over here ;)

No it won't change anything, but I think that anyone should be able to talk about their loved ones back home without fear.

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In all honesty, I was neutral on the matter.

According to a recent survey, 70% of people in the military will not have a problem with open gays in the military. Now, is that other 30% a significant amount to cause a problem?

For me, as long as the military is a sufficient fighting force, I don't care how discriminating it is. We don't see a huge deal over not letting women fight on the frontline, and for good reason. Men are really just better at fighting than women, in general. Don't let Hollywood fool you. And don't be a dipshit who says "I bet I know plenty of women who could kick your ass". For the LAST FUCKING TIME, this is why I use the term "in general". Men joining the military are far superior fighters to women joining the military.

War isn't a game, which is what some people need to get through their thick skulls. We can't be worrying about the "the nice thing to do" when it comes to people's lives, you assholes.

But I don't mind this law being repealed. I believe we live in a more open time, and while the law was necessary when it was passed (to actually protect gays, you dumb shits), gays, I believe, can handle serving in the military, currently.

I recently wrote a blog on the matter, check it out Link

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The military has two jobs: fight our enemies, and train new people to fight. As long as the new ruling does not effect our ability to kick ass, then I don't care if there are 5 gay people serving or 50,000. So long as the job gets done, and done quick.

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There are gay people in the military who've lost limbs, won purple hearts, saved their fellow soldiers, killed our enemies, died, and done everything else expected of our military.

They should be allowed a picture of their lover in the barracks, and if they choose, to be open about their personal life with those they are serving with.

Side: Open service

They should be allowed a picture of their lover in the barracks, and if they choose, to be open about their personal life with those they are serving with.

Political correctness, as defined by the libs, dictate that people shouldn't do anything that someone may find offensive. ;)

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iamdavidh(4816) Disputed
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You're chasing your tail.

Gays in the military = freedom.

Gays suppressing their own freedom of speech = political correctness.

Not the other way around. Quit being so politically correct you commy.

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Since it is now 2015, the military is taking great strides with changing attitudes toward the acceptance of Gays into the military.

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How times have changed ;)

Side: Wait...., what...., no!