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 Gun violence in America: How many years of life have been lost? (4)

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Gun violence in America: How many years of life have been lost?

Thousands have been killed by gun violence in the US - but what does that mean? Periscopic have taken FBI crime report data detailing every gun murder in 2010 (and worked with Jerome Cukier, who had also produced this with the same data) - and then combined the numbers with WHO demographic statistics to work out the impact in years lost by looking at the "age distribution of US deaths, paired with a likely cause of death at that age". See what a year of gun violence looks like - and click the buttons at the bottom to see the data by age, race, gender and gun type

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Guns don't make the list.

Let's focus on real problems instead of ones that make people angry by taking away their freedom.

We should outlaw those before we outlaw guns ;)

What the info-graphic doesn't show is how many of those killed actually deserved it ;)

It also doesn't show how much money we have saved in Social Security for these people ;)

Gun violence has taken the lives of so many. Children at Sandy Hook lost their lives. Gun violence in America is a pariah.