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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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How to properly and effectively argue on CD.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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Why provide a well reasoned argument when you can just cut to the chase ;)

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How to properly and effectively argue on CD.

-If they become emotional and begin thrashing about in emotional appeals over logical appeals, troll them...hard.

-Use their own past logic and past arguments against them.

-Demand proof of any unverified claim.

-Always have the cards. Never bluff. Look it up if you don't know, before you comment. If you do know, go for the kill.

-Point out logical fallacies such as doublethink, ad hominem, false equivalencies, red herring, etc.

-Watch for language and style from "new" debators that match the language and style of old debators. Then call out the puppet and its maker. Be familiar with the venacular of a foreign debator who is known for puppets.

-Bait and trick nomenclature...I mean old debator, and suspected puppet into giving themselves up by enraging one or the other or both, or getting the puppet to give up info only the old debator could possibly know.

-Look for language like, "you always do this Bronto" from a new debator who has only one post all time and signed

-Get suspected puppet maker into a heated debate then block them right before they can make that point they just had to make. The puppet will suddenly appear. Laugh at puppet. Mock puppet.

-If you are blocked from a debate and they continue to respond to you after the block, copy it, and make your own duplicate of their debate. Then counter all their arguments on the dupe debate.

-Use links from the ideology of your opponent if possible rather than links from your ideology.

-Look for your foreign opponent assuming your country is like their country as far as culture, racism, healthcare or economy.

-Use the "trigger" words for your puppet making opponent...

-Rinse, wash, repeat...

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That sounds a lot harder than what I do ;)

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jolie(9804) Clarified
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One liners. A smiley. Move on. ;)

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Such is to be expected on a site where commonfolk are allowed to run wild.

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Was the word you were looking for "plebs" Cercei?*

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Cercei(2) Disputed
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Plebs, peasants, commonfolk, it doesn't matter what you call them really. Rabble is rabble.

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!