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All the time. No, never.
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joecavalry(40131) pic

I know it's not OK to hit a woman, but do you ever wonder what she did that got her hit?

All the time.

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No, never.

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What are female boxers supposed to do?

Side: All the time.
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Guys are not supposed to hit women but it can occur.

All I'm saying if my son hit a girl at school I'd give him a good beating, whereas if he hit a guy at school I'd give him a high five unless the way he did it was a bullying nature.

Side: No, never.
Julius(201) Disputed
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So, you're agaisnt eqaulity? Because you can't be for equality here.

Side: All the time.
Del1176(4975) Clarified
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Since when was this world equal?!

Side: All the time.