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Let's do it!!! Wait..., what? No!!!
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 Let's do it!!! (11)

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I propose a debate-off between PrayerFails and the Terminator for the Number 2 slot.


Currently Terminator is about 1000 points behind PrayerFails but

he has proven his mettle in the past and

could make a strong come back.


PrayerFails joined about the same time as Terminator but he never left.

He has staying power.

His methodical approach could be the determining factor.


They can debate IamDavidH's liberal views.

Not a slouch by any means,

this veteran can hold his own.


I'd rather they debate him than debate

my conservative views ;)

And also because I'd rather instigate a fight and

then sit back and enjoy the show,

rather than get in there and mix it up myself.

At my age, I could get hurt ;)



as an added twist,

IamDavidH should deterine the outcome.

I expect this will end up as a 3-way brawl ;)

Maybe we can figure out a way to have tag teams...


What say you all?

Somebody please que in the Rocky theme song ;)

Let's do it!!!

Side Score: 15

Wait..., what? No!!!

Side Score: 0
3 points

Not much of a challenge, anybody with a quarter of a brain could out-argue iamdavidh.

Side: Let's do it!!!

Basically, an monkey would challenge iamdavidh where the monkey won't even need a tape recorder to remember all of his arguments.

Side: Let's do it!!!
2 points

Tee Hee

"debate-off for the number 2 slot" .

Side: Let's do it!!!

I'll be Don King (since it appears like I'm the promoter of this debacle ;).

Side: Let's do it!!!
1 point

Violence in Public?! That sort of thing shouldn't be promoted!

However if we are going to do it, we should be able to bet our points on who wins.

Side: Let's do it!!!
1 point

This could be fun!

Side: Let's do it!!!
1 point

I've been on this site as long as Joe has and I haven't even broken 500 yet.

I'm a slacker.

Side: Let's do it!!!

Well, Terminator and I share many of the same beliefs, yet I did propose a debate where we spar in a liberal bashing debate on who is the stupidest.

Otherwise, I am up for a debate.

Side: Let's do it!!!

Or..., you and Terminator can create one account for the both of you. Only you 2 would know the username and password. Then, using that account, you guys debate David but you'll have to use you initials so we know which one of you is making the argument. The reason for this is because challenge debates accept only 2 participants and you guys would be teaming up against poor David. Kinda like a debate gang-bang ;)

Side: Let's do it!!!

Good idea, I just may have to consult with Terminator. We could be TerminatePrayer Or TerminateLiberals.

Side: Let's do it!!!
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