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More proof that Global Warming is a lie


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Wait..., What? No!

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If you believe in Global Warming then you are as egotistical as the people who believed that humans were at the center of the universe. You are a sun denier that thinks that humans have a greater effect on our weather than the sun. ;)

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Bohemian(3858) Disputed
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that thinks that humans have a greater effect on our weather than the sun.

1. We are talking about climate, not weather.

2. We do not need to have a greater affect than the sun to be able to increase temperatures globally.

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garry77777(1775) Disputed
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I decided to look at a few of your other arguments but my god i wasnt expecting to find that you deny the reality of man made global wamring. Maybe trying to debate you isnt worth the time your obviously incapable of critical thinking if your arguing with the scientific consensus. I mean come on.Trying to relate the belief that the earth was the centre of the universe and the reality of global warming has one fundamental flaw that you obviously falied to notice. The world as it was then was dominated by religion and the vatican had decreed that the world was the centre of out universe. Today we have a society predicated on advancing science and technology (at least for the most part) and do you know why. Its precisely because society steeped in religion led to crazy beliefs that were later verified as being completely false. So you see your argument could equally be used against you. Again i have to reiterate, arguing with the scientific consensus is the hight of stupidity in my humble opinion.If you were diagnosed with cancer next week by 50 highly trained medical professionals but one decided it was a benign cist would you side with him and refuse treament, i very much doubt it. Well just think about how many scientists have accepted the reality of man made global warming ( and dont send back the argument that their all jumping on the band wagon science doesnt work that way and if you send that back you clearly know nothin about science) the ratio is orders of magnitude higher than 50:1.Peace out.

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Lol!!!! So you think that the sun is NOT the major driving force of the weather ;)

OMG! ;)

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sherman2zhiw(5) Disputed
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Well with the massive amount of CFC being released everyday, it's no wonder that Global Warming can happen. Especially when the whole world is releasing a substance that can thin one of the protective layers of Earth from heat, thus causing global warming!

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One question..., 4 words.... What about the sun? ; )

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I think it is undeniable that Global Warming is a reality when you see the melting the Arctic Ice Cap. The last 5 years have been one of the warmest in history. What is arguable are the causes of the global warming.

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CFC's have nothing to with global warming, they destoy the ozone due to the reaction that takes place between it and them.Get your facts straight for fucks sake thats pretty basic.Different gases can alter the environment in various ways when their concentration in the atmosphere deviates from the ideal concentration i.e. the one that preserves the dynamic equilibrium or flux of the atmosphere as we know. When their concentration increase beyond a tolerable level for this dynamic equilibrium you begin to see changes e.g. ozone destruction as a results of an increase in CFC's, formation of acid rain in the clouds due to excess sulpur and nitrgen forming SOx and NOx, and other gases as well as particulate matter. They all have a multitude of effects on the environement but GREEN HOUSE GASES CONTRIBUTE TO GLOBAL WARMING the most notable of these is carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4). CH4 is 21 time more potent than CO2 but recieves less publicity as there is much less of it in the atmosphere and it is not being pumped into it at the alarming rate of CO2.This is because CH4 is not one of the products of combusiton which is the chemical reaaction that powers the world we live (OIL OIL OIL its all about the oil and gas as well i suppose)

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