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 Perspective debate - what is the best feeling in the world? (33)

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Perspective debate - what is the best feeling in the world?

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Do you want me to take this debate seriously or is this another one if your ideas for a good laugh?

Have you noticed that a capital 'B' looks like the top view of a pair of boobs? And that a lower case 'b' looks like the side view of a boob? And that the 'OO' looks like the front view of a pair of boobs? I mean, the word 'Boobs' has boobs all over it ;)

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You actually got me to chuckle out loud with that, bravo, bravo. :)

joecavalry(40102) Clarified
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Seriously, what's the best feeling? The morning dew on the grass under your feet? The warmth of the sun on your face? A cool breeze through your hair (or over any recently shaved area of your body)?

I'm allergic to grass, and I don't let my facial hair get long enough to appreciate the difference of a light breeze, but I do like the warmth of the sun on my face. Which is why I prefer global warming.

But even so, I'd have to say that the picture is very accurate. I like motor boating ;)

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Nostalgia or Euphoria. Or both at the same time if you can. Both at the same time whilst drunk is to say the least...


Yeah. But the thing with nostalgia is that it's not like it used to be ;)

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HA. Funny man...

Adrenaline while being high off weed. Focus x5.

I transition from ninja to "Badass Overlord The God of Awesomeness."

I would have thought that being high and having an adrenaline rush is an oxymoron ;)

I knew someone would say that.

No it really isn't. The two work well together for me. Most people adrenaline kills their high. For me it just makes Adrenaline a whole new depends on the drug really.

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For me the best feeling in the world is when I have fun with my sisters or my best friends, especially when we spend the whole night laughing and dancing or doing anything silly. Sometimes I enjoy the feeling of loneliness but believe me no matter what I do, whether watching a good movie or playing games or anything that brings fun, I don't feel the same happiness that I get when I am with someone I trust and love. so, the best feeling in this world I think is to be around people who love you and you love them and enjoy their company.

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