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Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A:  To get to the idiot who answers doors.

knock, knock.

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To see his friend Gregory Peck..............................................

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Me: Hey Joe! Somebody is at your door!

joecavalry: I am going to answer it. "Who's there?"

The chicken ;)

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Hey chicken. You have come to the right house. Joe invited me over, too.

The chicken had cat like intelligence, and wanted to explore the world.

1 point

It was suicidal. .

1 point

I would wonder how the chicken managed to get to a street in the first place. I'm assuming this chicken just stays in someone's house as a pet. Whoever owned the chicken is quite irresponsibly for allowing the chicken to roam anywhere.

Ever heard of a wild boar, or wild horses? Well..., this is a wild chicken ;)

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A wizard on the other side, promised to change her back into a human.

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Chickens always cut across the road.