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Don't tell me what to do. You can't do that!!!
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Should We Be Allowed to Choose the Sexual Orientation of Our Children?

If people are allowed to choose the sexual orientation of their child,

it might make the whole Gay Marriage Debate a moot point.

Don't tell me what to do.

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You can't do that!!!

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This is a very interesting question. While I am certainly not in favor of this concept myself, I wonder if there are any Gay or Lesbian community members who feel they would have preferred to have adifferent sexual orientation (i.e. straight). It would be an interesting test...would someone have chosen differently that what they are and why (what drove them to that deciion).

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The job of a parent is to help a child be the best person they can be whilst remembering that, that child is their own person not an extension of the parent, they should help the child be the best they can be be not the person the parent wanted to be.

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Genetic engineering is the thing of the future. And when the moral assholes finally have no power, the potential for human creativity in our genetics is limitless.

Choosing orientation is the tip of the iceberg. Although, from my studies I believe that there's a lot more to sexuality than simple genetics. People are born with a tendency, but you have to realize that genetics aren't these self-aware beings. There's no gene to drive one to choose one sexuality. There are genes that blended with our culture will create the gay or straight person that you see today.

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You had the choice to become heterosexual, but denied it. Why should we allow gay marriage because you fucked up?. That's not on our balls, so you can suck them.

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? Is that a quote from somewhere? Are you directing this at me? I don't understand what you are trying to say. ;)

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What would happen.

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I call it wrong. But I have to acknowledge that that is because I'm morally opposed to manipulating children like that- particularly with the idea of aborting or not aborting a child based on certain characteristics. I don't like abortion, but I accept it for unwanted children and/or unstable parents (given the alternatives), but using it as a tool to filter your (otherwise wanted) children for specific traits just seems inhuman and barbaric, regardless of whether it is sexual orientation, gender, or even eye color we're talking about.

I'm afraid I can't really offer anything objective here, unfortunately. Legally, there is nothing wrong with abortion early on. Legally, The ultimate call would fall to the parents. Legally, if this test were performed, it would have to be disclosed to the parents. But it just doesn't sit well with me. I would propose banning the test itself on humanitarian grounds.

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Though I am pretty strongly for the legality of abortion, I feel that this would be a VERY DANGEROUS territory to tread on. For starters I feel that trying to decide what kind of kids we produce could lead to a very superficial society, deciding what color eyes they have, what color hair, left handedness or right handedness, etc and seems to go in the direction of a gentle form of eugenics. Secondly a very good point that, that article makes is would this contribute to homophobia, and in all honesty I think it would. Even those whom aren't homophobic might choose a heterosexual child over a homosexual child merely out of ease to deal with societal issues, and I would wonder if this could also lead to a quiet extinction to the homosexual population over time. To be completely honest, as someone whom supports the right to love whoever you want as long as nobody is being harmed, to say that this is wrong isn't as cut and dry as other civil right issues, though I definitely find the idea of wanting to contribute to the extinction of the homosexual population to be disturbing at the very least, technically nobody is being harmed in that situation. (I'm not saying it is ok if this happened, I am just saying morally to me it isn't as cut and dry as any other civil right issue since technically it would be a discrimination that isn't directly harming anyone). I imagine if we lived in a society however where we for someone reason didn't produce our own children but got random people's children and this was sociably acceptable if our views on civil rights were still the same however, the idea of being able to choose the race of your child with the same societal attitude towards blacks as we do now towards homosexuals in america would also be really quite controversial, and if the black population was going down from some form of racism, it would be quite disturbing then to. This is a really disturbing thing to me in all honesty. All in all, I can't say I'm on board with it because one thing I am sure of is that the direction in being able to have any type of child you want could lead some serious civil right issues. I feel we should accept our children the way they are, if children have a condition that we know isn't healthy, that is one thing but dictating what sexual orientation your child is, or hair color, eye color, etc well in my opinion that is just going to far.

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