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The following statements do not constitute an argument:

Simply disagreeing by saying, "No, it doesn't" or "Yes, it does" does not constitute a well throughout argument.

In other words, **a contradiction does not an argument make.**

**An argument is a series of statements meant to establish a proposition.**

Yes, it does

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No, it doesn't

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What is a statemet? .

Side: Yes, It Does

ok, fixed. thnx!

Side: Yes, It Does

In the eyes of a liberal, when the man first walked into room 12, that is their idea of an argument.

Side: Yes, It Does

Sadly this is true, especially here in San Francisco. I get a lot of that.

Gotta hand it to Monty Python.

Side: Yes, It Does
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I agree, although I have done it, without any proof or anything to back up your comment it is indeed not an argument. By just saying "No it doesn't" it is normally just classified as a view or opinion not an argument.

Side: No, it doesn't

Despite public opinion here, "No it doesn't" does not carry any weight. One should make their case. The lack of anything but these words is simply proof that the other side is correct. God does exist.

Side: No, it doesn't
zombee(1014) Disputed
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No, he doesn't.

In all seriousness though, you're really good at dragging your personal vendettas into pretty much every debate, whether or not they have any bearing on the issue at hand.

Anyway Joe, I'm not usually a fan of your more frivolous debates but I guess this one redeems itself with a Monty Python sketch. The first few minutes are a little like what I imagine CD would look like if it was a place.

Side: Yes, It Does
Thewayitis(4063) Disputed
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I have no personal vendettas. If this were the case words would be the last to be used and would go something like this; "I accept your surrender."

Side: Yes, It Does
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No it does not, if we simply count yeahs and nehs it is a vote and not an argument. Simply voting on an issue is an appeal to popularity and does not determine any facts.

Side: No, it doesn't

"I started to type up a response then decided I'm not interested in arguing belief with you especially in a debate that doesn't even have anything to do with it. It's so obvious to me (and probably anyone else) that you have a personal grudge against atheists and that you try to bring it up whenever you can, but since you have somehow convinced yourself this isn't true, explaining my case is useless."

Oh how I love it when someone simply states "No it doesn't" and then runs away. You want proof, you got it.

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Supporting Evidence: rta kitchen cabinets (
Side: No, it doesn't

This side is winning and I like to be on the winning side, so.... ;)

Side: No, it doesn't