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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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They legalized gay marriage and marijuana - now it is time to


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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What can I say? It is a slow week ;)

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Immorality defiles its against the body and defiles the soul.

What goes in doesnt defile. Its the heart and the fruit that comes out of the heart that defiles.

A drink a smoke a piece of bacon does not defile one who has a WHOLE HEART focused on Jesus the Redeemer and King!

He will judge deeds that come out of the heart! And He knows every part of your heart. Nothing is hidden there that wont be revealed!

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Cartman(18191) Disputed
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Oh man, you are fucked then. Sorry to hear that.

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I believe these are words God has given me. Its a strong word. But I believe an accurate word.

Its easy to take things out of context and stitch together nonsense surrounding the falicies promoted regarding God's word.

Left media is a great example of this. And many people are a product of this deceptive culture!

This is the way of left media. Its the same. They are equally deceived and deceivers. Those who bear false witness will be judged as the law says.

And the blood spilled and the stumbling of those so as to bring sheep through destruction by false witness. They will be as if drunk with the blood their mouths full of it and their hands drenched by it! All those who promote deceptions will be drunk with blood of those they deceived!

I would hate to be those who bear false witness against the Most High!

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Cartman(18191) Disputed
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Its easy to take things out of context and stitch together nonsense surrounding the falicies promoted regarding God's word.

It must be easy if you have mastered it. :)

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We need to call out to many to put on the Mind of Christ.

A deceiver, Dawkins is interesting. Im not sure what God has planned for him specifically. But he is identified and He is alive because he is a purposed vessel. Dishonor.

Seems that God had surrounded Dawkins by faith, true faith. And God did many things in his life that are directed toward him. To harden his heart, as God did Pharoah, possibly to soften later or to harden further.

To either use him as example, since he so stubornly worked against God.

Or if he is going to reveal himself to him in the end.

I do believe he has a special purpose of extreme to either degree. And he is either going to be an example of extreme judgmemt for bearing false witness against the Most High God, or extreme grace and God will make him a pillar of faith for a short time for those left behind after the rapture. Which I refer to the rapture as "the first seating."

God has shown me there are two seatings.

Those not killed by war and bombs may be presented with a very short time to be saved through not bowing to the antichrist regime through martyrdom. Bible calls it destruction of flesh as a discipline of the Lord on the "Day of the Lord"

Those left behind will be those who were deceived by the world views that are steeped in the spirit of antichrist.

For America that would have a high concentration in special interest groups as example, as in black lives matter, which is vengeance and bitter roots of bitterness, unforgiveness, covetousness and many attitudes of the heart that are antichrist attitudes.

There are many other deceptions, like that.

Each is steeped in antichrist spirit. Yet somehow embraced without the sheep recognizing it is not Christ. These deceptions are warned of in Matt 24 and many other scriptures.

Many wont have an opportunity to recant. But many will. This is the great multitude found in Revelation who come out of the "Great Tribulation"

When His wrath is poured out it will be as if YHWY is drunk with blood. The destruction will be complete. This present darkness will be replaced. And all the wicked will be removed, from the greatest of them to the least.

The multitude will be purged through His consuming fire as children discipled by the Lord.

These disobedient children must be purged through the harsh discipline of the Lord. "The destruction of their flesh on the Day of the Lord" in order to be purged of their divided heart.

Friendship with the world, making them enemies of God. Prodigal sons eating pigs food. Deceived they chose teachers who have tickled their ears, and they chose dual citizenship of two kingdoms. Which cannot be! Many the Lord will vomit. Some He will purge.

These disobedient children need get to the point where they recognize the deception so when the mask comes off and they see it for what it is, they fall down in flesh to never be deceived by the antichrist kingdom of the world again!

Work out your Salvation with fear and trembling.

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