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Things that require a license are a priviledge, not a right

Driving is a priviledge because it requires a license which can be revoked.

Freedom of speech is a right, not a priviledge, because it does not require a license and thus cannot be revoked.

Marriage is also a priviledge.  If you don't believe me then why can't you marry more than one person?  Just try marrying more than one person and see how fast they revoke your license to marry those that came after your first marriage.

That's right

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Wait..., what? No!

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That's right Joe. But as Americans, don't we have the right to get these licenses? I mean, unless you have a mental handicap or something, of course.

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You have a right to apply for a license but the license is not guaranteed. For example, a driver's license. BTW, not that there are different types of driver's license and no one complains that they are being discriminated against or that separate but equal isn't equal, or any of those things ;)

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Well yeah the license isn't guaranteed. But people are not denied driver's licenses because of their sexual preference. It's typically because they misused their license before, didn't take preparatory courses, have a physical problem like blindness, etc. Same should go for marriage. All should be allowed unless it's obvious they can't, like a person with down's syndrome.

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Although I do recognize the reasoning you set forth that marriage is not a right, but what is a right is access to privileges. Most people would find it an abridge of rights to deny individuals the privilege of driving based on their race or gender. These two scenarios can also violate the pursuit of happiness right that The Declaration of Independence sets forth. It is an American right to have to access to a legitimate reason for being denied a privilege.

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Correct but people are denied the driving privilege based on other factors.

Also, not everyone has the right to access every privilege out there. For example, unless you are a farmer you have no right to farm subsidies.

Finally, what constitutes a legitimate reason to one person may not constitute a legitimate reason for another.

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This is a matter of definition, not "logic".

Rules are man-made, they aren't real =/

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I agree with TyTheTiger(107)

Rules are man-made, they aren't real =/.

Things should be place in stone, like the old days.

Supporting Evidence: Scented Rocks (
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Oh well..., so much for gay marriage being a right ;)

So..., I guess we all have the same rights after all. ;)

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Well the entirety of the supreme court disagrees with you, but hey what do they know about rights?

Supporting Evidence: Loving vs. Virginia (
Side: Wait..., What? No!

They don't dissagree with me. The supreme court and I agree that homosexuals should be able to get a marriage license.

I disagree with homosexuals that belive that just because something is right, it ought to be done. That's not how the world works. They should just call it something else, get the license and whatever priviledges come with that license and be done with it.

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regarding same sex marriage--"Most American adults currently oppose SSM, but the trend is towards increasing acceptance. If current trends continue, most American adults who have an opinion on the topic will be supportive of SSM sometime in the 2010's"

Supporting Evidence: (
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regarding same sex marriages---"On the other hand...

Ancient Egypt: A tomb of a same sex gay married couple Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep was discovered in 1964 in the necropolis of Saqqara, Egypt. The tomb dates to the Fifth Dynasty (circa 2,500 BCE), and shows that homosexual marriages date back over 4 millennia!

Roman Catholic Church: A recent book by Yale Historian John Boswell demonstrates that Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches both sanctioned and sanctified unions between partners of the same sex, until modern times. The churches used ceremonies which were very similar to conventional heterosexual ceremonies. 6

Other countries: Same-sex, long-term relationships have been publicly acknowledged in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, as well as Australia, Europe, India, Native America in more modern times. 7 However, they have not necessarily been called marriages."------

Supporting Evidence: (
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regarding same sex marriage---"The push for equal marriage is not only part of a worldwide movement to end discrimination based on gender and sexuality, it is also about protecting and supporting people in same-sex relationships and their families.

Equal marriage exists in the following countries:





South Africa



Within the USA, equal marriage exists in the the states of Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont." ...................................................Rest of World

The following is a list of countries with civil unions. Some countries allow both same-sex and opposite-sex couples to access these schemes, like the Netherlands. Other countries, such as Britain, provide such schemes for same-sex couples only.


- stable union of pairs


- civil union [City of Buenos Aires, Province of Rio Negro, City of Villa Carlos Paz]



- registered partnership [Tasmania, Victoria]

civil partnership [ACT]


- civil partnership

Couples where at least one partner is a British national may register a civil partnership in a British High Commission office here in Australia. See:



- civil union

Czech Republic

- registered partnership


- registreret partnerskab (registered partnership)


- rekisteröity parisuhde registrerad partnerskap (registered partnership)


- pacte civile de solidarité (civil solidarity pact)


- Lebenspartnerschaft (life partnership)


- civil union


- registered partnership


- staðfest samvist (registered partnership)


- civil unions are provided by a number of regional and municipal governments


- registered partnership

New Zealand

- civil union


- civil union


- civil partnership


- civil union


- civil union"

Supporting Evidence: (
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