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True. They legalized marijuana?
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 They legalized marijuana? (6)

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We are currently in the process of creating our new God.

Currently the majority of the people are using apps instead of browsers.  Apps typically access public databases and proprietary data instead of HTML pages.  This means that WEB pages will become become increasingly less and less relevant.  The value of HTML is that anyone can publish (a free and open flow of information).  Apps have the potential to make the WEB less open. 

As more and more people stop using browsers and start using apps instead, the WEB as we know it will change.  When you use a browser, you don't have to accept a license agreement that basically states they are going to be invading your privacy.  And yet, more and more people are opting to accept the licensing agreements that come with apps.

Programs are being written that analyses and interprets your data in order to determine what you like and don't like.  It can then provide you with a view of the WEB that is customized for you.  It will validate your view of the world.  The more feed back you get that your view of the world is correct, and the more people you know that believe the same way, the more connected you will feel.  It's a religious effect. 

The internet will become our new God.  It will know everything you ask of it (just Google it).  It will allow you to interact with things remotely because it will be able to control things that are connected to it (like the thermostat in your home).  It will learn about a given demographic and adjust itself accordingly (If you are in North Korea, it will block America's concept of freedom).  It will replace the current banking system because you cannot trust bankers to do the right thing but you can trust Bitcoin.  It will keep you under surveillance with all the cameras that are connected to it.  It will be able to recognize your face and your voice.  It will have multiple sensors to determine temperature, brightness, spacial orientation, geo location position, etc.  And it will love you unconditionally.

What more can you ask of a God?


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They legalized marijuana?

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So would that make the world wide web, the world of html, the son of the internet sent to die for our sins?

In the name of the Firewall, The Switch, and the ISP, Amen?

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Correct. Nicely put. I never down vote and I rarely up vote. You've earned a place among the elites ;)

Side: They legalized marijuana?
thousandin1(1931) Clarified
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Sweet! So I'm no longer a keyboard warrior- I'm a Keyboard Crusader now!

Side: True.

We do not create new Gods, we just recycle old ones and give them different ethical codes.

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Interesting perspective...........................................................

Side: They legalized marijuana?
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That's ridiculous, the web can't murder millions of innocents. The web can't punish people for doing normal stuff. The web can't make rules for everyone to follow, then do the exact opposite of those rules itself.

It is pretty good at enabling sinners though.

Side: They legalized marijuana?