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 What are your thoughts on BitCoins? (18)

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What are your thoughts on BitCoins?

The libertarians ought to be all over it like white on rice.  I want to be all over it but I have other matters to take care of first.

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I would like to know what would happen if people dumped fiat money for bitcoins ;)

I know one kinda crazy guy who uses them. If it's gonna take off, I wanna get in on it soon, but it seems pretty crazy. What's the deal? Are people really putting their faith in this fake money?

Emperor(1348) Disputed
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LOL it already has taken off!!

It's at $160 each.

It started at pennies. That means it has risen several THOUSAND percent!!

I highly recommend you look into it.

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If this takes off, we would be one step closer to a new world order. Surely, digitizing currency and having it do well is all part of the plan seeing as they want RFID implanted in people an have all money on them and all transactions done through them.p

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I think they will be outlawed before too long .

Even if they were, people would still be able to buy and sell them on the black market. ;)

Governments' control over money needs to end.

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Legal currency is a mob run racket. This mob is powerful and has absolutely no problem using lethal force to protect it's interests. Bitcoin users are relatively safe so long as bitcoins are not viewed as a serious threat.

I've used them few time to buy some "stuff" that isn't usually available. It's very expensive. One costs about £8+. It's complicated to use.

Where do you store them?

pretty much on your computer. ou have to download a "wallet".

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