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 What if God just like drama? (3)

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What if God just like drama?


Maybe She's a drama queen.  She's bored from the countless eons She has been a live and She gets Her kicks from all the drama on this planet.  That's why She doesn't lift a finger to help you.  She wants to see what you're gonna do next.  Are you going to suck it up?  Are you going to shoot up a public place?  Are you going to commit suicide?  And if you are happy, She screws something up in your life just to create the drama She craves ;)

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Or isn't "perfect", or doesn't "exist".

In order for that situation to work, you will have to say that God cannot foretell the future.

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God can't get bored, that's a human's limitation.

And even if he could get bored, God would just have used his powers to permanently remove the possibility of him ever feeling boredom.