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 Why do people feel entitled to their money? (5)

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Why do people feel entitled to their money?

People be like, "Bitch, better have my money..."  Well, what if they don't have your money?  Have you thought about that, bitch?  What if they're like, "I ain't got your money, so buzz off!"  As if you're some little humming bird buzzing around, pissing everybody off.  Freaking humming birds and their sugar water entitlement.  They be buzzing around an empty humming bird feeder and when you walk by they are all on your face like, "Bitch, where's my sugar water?"  And I have to swat them away and be like, "I ain't got your damn sugar water, you little free loader."  What are they going to do?  Buzz me to death.  I mean, it's not like when you go to a gay hair stylist and you tell him to buzz you.  If you tell a straight hair stylist to buzz you, you'll get a military haircut.  But if you tell a gay hair stylist to buzz you, you may end up with something else.  Either way, if you don't like your haircut you can't be like, "Bitch, better have my hair!"  'cause, you know what?  You ain't getting your hair back!  That's right!  You have to wait for it to grow back.  So don't go around demanding shit.  About the only one who can go around demanding shit is the IRS.  I mean, if those suckers come around asking for their money, you better have their money, bitch.  Otherwise they are going to mess you up.  And even they have a hard time collecting sometimes.  Like when they try to collect from a homeless person.  Where the hell are they supposed to send their freaking threatening notices?  Dude ain't got no mail box, bitch.  And even if they managed to find him, you can't squeeze money from a rock!  The best they could do is take his shopping cart away.  And that ain't even his shopping cart!  He stole it from some grocery store and he is just going to turn around and steal another one.  About the only one who always has money is the government.  Obama be like, "Oh, you want your money?  Hang on.  Hey, Jacob... print this bitch some money and get him off my back."  So if you want your money, your best bet is to go see Jacob Lew.  Now guess what religion Jacob follows.  I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with Lew.  That's right!  He's a Jew!  And he's got your money.  But if you think you're gonna get it from him, think again.  You know how many years people have been trying to take shit from a Jew without succeeding?  Look at the Palestinians.  Do you see them making any headway?  Look at the Nazis.  They came the closest and in the end, they got their Nazi ass handed to them.  So next time you feel entitled to your money and you're about to walk up to somebody an be like, "Bitch, better have my money..." think of this post.  Bitch ain't better have nothing.  So just suck it up like the rest of us.
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( What were you expecting by making this debate (!)(?) )

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I was expecting people to watch the video.. Did you watch the video?

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The answer is in the question.

Shouldn't they... it is their money in the first place right??