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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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joecavalry(38016) pic

Would you be surprised if you reached to be a 100 years old?

If so,
The surprise might kill you!


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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At my age, nothing surprises me any more ;)

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Yes, it would. But then, My mother died a couple years ago at 99, Her mother at 93 and father at 92. I have an uncle at 90 a few days ago, an aunt at 88. None very "God fearing".

(Only the good die young??;-), I guess. Since I'm likely, religiously, the worst … I could, maybe, go well beyond that. To quote Trump: "We'll see what happens." (Holding my nose). ;-)

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outlaw60(15501) Disputed
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GASLIGHT AL have you not paid attention to AOC we are all going to be dead in 12 years !

Did your DUMB ASS miss that ?????????????

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!
AlofRI(2851) Clarified
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Again., OUTHOUSE, A problem with the reading. Try THIS. W-E-'-l-l S-E-E W-H-A-T H-A-P-P-E-N-S ;-) Did your lack of reading skills, at least, understand THAT??????????

As in, "She MIGHT BE RIGHT, We'll SEE what happens." Does YOUR dumb ass comprehend ????

Why don't you try out for Special Olympics??? It may help you with concentration.

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Yes, the shock would kill me.


Side: True.
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