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BrontoLite's Reward Points: 759

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Is the Republican platform just a list of things they don’t want others to have?
4 Created Debate Wishing the blacks that got off the Democrat plantation a happy MLK Day
1 Added Argument Now that Biden is caught everything Trump did with classified documents is normal
3 Created Debate Is the Biden's business dealings with China a threat to democracy?
2 Created Debate Are mass mail in ballots and ballot harvesting a threat to democracy?
4 Created Debate Is raiding a former President's home a threat to democracy?
1 Created Debate Is the information on Hunter Biden's laptop a threat to democracy?
1 Created Debate Is China saying Biden is in their pocket a threat to democracy?
3 Created Debate Is the overuse of the term ''threat to democracy'' laughable at this point?
1 Added Argument German police arrest far-right extremists and foil plot to overthrow state
2 Created Debate If China said they owned Trump & his boy's emails confirmed it, the media would?
2 Added Argument Should Republicans get a look at Joe and Hunter Biden's taxes?
2 Created Debate Are you for transgender Republicans teaching your kids about politics at the library?
1 Created Debate If you can have gender dysphoria, you can have political dysphoria, so why judge?
1 Added Argument Should we use the term pregnant person sometimes?
1 Added Argument Trump COULD have completed his coup, but he's too incompetant.
4 Created Debate Obama took a lot of government documents. Who do those documents belong to?
1 Added Argument Kim Jon un wrote some love letters to Trump. Trump has 'em. WHO do they belong to?
2 Added Argument Can you understand science and be against gender transition ?
2 Created Debate The Democrats, the FBI gonna get around to arresting Fred Bankman-Fried
1 Added Argument Bad things the modern left has given us
1 Added Argument The secret pushing for blackish
1 Added Argument If you pull a candy bar like it's a gun & get shot, cops' fault or your fault?
1 Added Argument Please post here the Top 10 Things Rittenhouse's mother is going to drive him to next.

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