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LizziexLaura's Reward Points: 4276

Points When What Where
9 High Rated Argument Which is better, anime or cartoons?
1 High Rated Argument Snappys 2013 - Category #13 MOST LOGICAL
0 Added Argument LizziexLaura Was Made Up!
2 Added Argument Here is the truth
1 Added Argument Show me the evidence that shows that God doesn't exist.
1 Added Argument Snappys 2013 - Category #38 BIGGEST SMACK DOWN
1 Added Argument Snappys 2013 - Category #37 SINGLE BEST ARGUMENT
0 Added Argument Uncle Grandpa???????????????????????????????????
3 Added Argument How Do You Throw Away a Garbage Can?
3 Added Argument UFO's and Extraterrestrials, do they exist?
2 Added Argument Does Createdebate Have A President?
1 Added Argument Sitara... I'm guessing you banning me means I won?

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