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MegaDittos's Reward Points: 571

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Who's to blame for America's obesity epidemic?
5 Created Debate Can legislation make you as great as I am?????
1 Added Argument Are there still issues of gender inequality in society?
8 Added Argument Should the state of Utah should require ALL buildings to use renewable energy?
1 Added Argument Is the news getting more stupid and sad each day?
1 Added Argument Should the U.S. make all buildings have a renewable energy source to power them up?
1 Added Argument Are homosexuals subject to unfair societal treatment and do they deserve it?
1 Added Argument Are most people on createdebate centre - left, athiest/agnostic/apatheist?
2 Added Argument Should Democrats Filibuster Obama Proposed Tax Deal?
-1 Downvoted Argument Should Democrats Filibuster Obama Proposed Tax Deal?
1 Added Argument Sexual relations should be surrounded by stigma and taboo.
1 Added Argument Are blond jokes offensive?

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