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PrimalBane's Reward Points: 285

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Ask me and I'll ask God V
2 Added Argument It is 10:30 PM, and Quocalimar has the top of the leaderboard. He deserves a party. :)
0 Added Argument Createdebate is Rapidly Declining
0 Added Argument Createdebate Troll List
1 Added Argument The Best Movie Quote of All-Time?
0 Added Argument Is Andy (The CreateDebate Owner) and Prodigee the Same Person
0 Added Argument Createdebate Troll List
3 Added Argument Wolverine vs Batman
0 Added Argument Is Rogue Rascal and Prodigee the Same Person?
0 Added Argument JC41218 Is Not Rogue Rascal
2 Added Argument Should students complete their study after graduation from high school or work?
0 Added Argument Should the Euro be abolished whilst maintaining the EU?
1 Added Argument Should parents send their children to co-education schools?
0 Created Debate Should the Euro be abolished whilst maintaining the EU?
0 Created Debate Compulsory Vaccination
1 Added Argument should parents give to their children allowance every month?
0 Added Argument The United States Should Have a Woman President
1 Added Argument should students get a lot of homework?
-1 Downvoted Argument
0 Added Argument Deism vs Atheism, fight it out here.
10 Added Argument What do you think of this?
5 Added Argument Who owns createdebate?
5 Created Debate Who owns createdebate?

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