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Liberals are hatched from larva that are kept warm deep in the earth. Millions of years ago the alien overlords gave birth to these liberals in their larval state and placed them deep in the earth's crust to develop over time. Liberals do not feel pain like we do, their artificial emotions are just a mechanism of the alien overlords.

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Have you ever had an atheist knock on your door and try to convert you to their belief system? I haven't.

So is atheism a "hate group" or is it "unorganized"? You should make up your mind.

The KKK huh? The KKK is a protestant christian organization that does not have much tolerance for other belief systems, if you hadn't noticed. It's funny that you remind everyone of the extremely religious and violently intolerant Ku Klux Klan.

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I think, if anything, the religious community lacks tolerance for atheists.

How many atheist groups are there in your area? Now how many church groups? Religious folks have national holidays celebrating their religion, church property everywhere and churches own many of our best universities. They get tax breaks because they are religious, when no atheist group has ever received these breaks, no matter how many people they help. There are armies of these guys running around our neighborhoods in cheesy suits asking people if they have found Jesus.

Look what we tolerate. Are you kidding me?

On the other hand, America is so intolerant of atheism that atheists have no voice in politics at all. There has never been a non religious president, ever. Even an agnostic could never be elected.

People are allowed to base their beliefs in logic, not faith, without being labeled intolerant. An unwillingness to entertain non-sense is not intolerance. Wanting your kids to learn facts in school, instead of fairy tales about talking snakes, is not intolerance.

Wake up and look around, brah. The intolerance is packed into all these churches every Sunday.

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