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True. Wait, what? No!!!
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Batman is a better fighter than Superman and Ironman.


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Wait, what? No!!!

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Please do not waste my time with your petty arguments. ;)

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True. In DC cannon, only a handful of others are better fighters (Bronze Tiger, Lady Shiva, Richard Dragon, and a few enhanced fighters like Deathstroke).

That said, Superman has mastered a Kryptonian fighting style and has been trained by Batman himself, so he's not a poor fighter.

Iron Man has had some training from Captain America and Hawkeye, but is still primarily reliant on his armor.

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Hahahaha! Actually that is SO true! Never realised that!! HAHAHAHA

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It is true... Who wouldn't know that.. but if Batman gets shot by a sniper, he dies too, same as a normal human being..

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Tony has figured out how to protect himself against an EMP. Batman would not be able to stop Ironman.

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Tony has to take his armor off sooner or later ;)

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He doesn't have to give up his money though, so it doesn't fit into your equation.

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Well no one's better than the man who can grind out a situation,the rest of them are farcical

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You postulate that Batman is the better out of the two and yet the above equation is comparing human beings that are stripped of their abilities that would otherwise make the hero.

The math only proves that a human with a high degree of fighting ability is a better fighter than someone without(pretty redundant).

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Bruce Wayne may be a better fighter than Clark Kent and Tony Stark, but in superhero form, Batman would be crushed. If you take away everything that makes them a superhero and just have them fight as normal people, then they aren't Batman, Superman, or Ironman anymore.

Side: Wait, what? No!!!