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Children are the most discriminated creatures on this planet besides fetuses

Screw handicap spaces,


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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We should add children to the growing list of people that are entitled to stuff ;)

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A lot of people iv'e seen automatically assume i know nothing of the world...

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Everyone under 20 is actively discriminated against by western populations and governments. I think that they think we're not human until we're as old and corrupted as they all are.

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Probably true. As long as a person tends to make illogical, immoral or dangerous decisions (shows poor judgement), they should be discriminated against in cases where good judgement is required (child or not). So the question is at what age does a child tend to show "good judgement" and thus should no longer be discriminated against? Not sure. It's different for every child and depends on the subject at hand.

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I dont think so. There are few people who have been discriminated because of their sexual orientation, race and ethnicity.

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Well..., maybe those are the few that deserve it ;)

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Cambriel(711) Disputed
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What, how could you say that they deserve it? What would be the standards on what people should get as deserving or not?

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The last time I checked, children were treated very, very specially in this country, perhaps all of 1st world society (other then totalitarian countries).

And while I don't totally disagree with the idea of treating children softly and better, I find it detrimental to their growth to enforce this idea that nobody looses and everyone is a winner and everyone is special, etc.

I was beaten when I did bad things as a child, with a wooden spoon, until my ass was scarlet and throbbing. And I didn't grow into a horrible person because of it! In fact, I think I have a very solid understanding of reality and the way things are.

But what about a child who grows up being spoiled and told that they can never loose and never be the wrong and that they are a unique in every way? I don't know... that just seems to me like a very bad idea.

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