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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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Create Debate has created a few first world problems.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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All I want is to bypass all the "disputes" and have people tell me what a wonderful genius I am ;)

Side: True.

Well Joe make a topic that will be heated and don't post in it. Make it like a debate that pisses people off. Make them almost like attacks at something you truly don't have to believe in.

Side: True.

Which group should I pick on? ;)

Side: True.
LittleMisfit(1745) Clarified
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The Amish. I'm sure there are tons of them on CreateDebate.

Side: True.

Any group. Most ones that will always respond and have alot of opposing sides and opinions.

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Oh my, YES I'm not the only one.

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Only pussies are afraid to play dirty for points.

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!