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Yup. Nah..., That's a bunch of crap
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Do you believe in guardian angels?

Would you believe if this happened to you?


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Nah..., That's a bunch of crap

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If it weren't for my guardian angel, I would never have made it to 30. I've had lots of close calls ;)

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Some things are just chance, but some things are just too lucky if you know what I mean.

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I strongly believe in guardian angels because once when i was going to market so suddenly I fel in a gutter I was going to sink than suddenly I felt some powers taking me out. When I came out so a man was standing in front of me. All the market sys that there is someone who help a person when he is in need,no one know who he is.

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Yes, I think so...this video clip is a great example of how it was not their time to go...because it could easily have been!

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Yes, I do. I almost died when I was younger, but because of my guardian angel, I was able to live up to how old I am now.

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How did you almost. die?

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I almost died when I had my heart operation back when I was two years old.

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