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 Does this explain the rattling noise in my head? (8)

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Does this explain the rattling noise in my head?

drinking alcohol shrinks your brain

Apparently your brain shrinks 2% per decade, thus potentially explaining my low "persuasive" rating.

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The data from this study does suggest that drinking alcohol will decrease your brain volume, but the study has not made the connection between a decreased brain volume and impaired memory or mental function. More research is needed, but yes, this could explain the rattling noise in your head! =)

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Will Ritalin help me?

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On second thought, my low "persuasive" rating may have to do more with down votes. I can deal with down votes. I don't think I can deal with out beer ;)

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Simple solution... see a head shrink.

Problem solved.

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It makes me worried how we waste so much tax payers' money on stupid shit like this when we already know that drinking alcohol affects your brain and that there are many other ways of cleansing your cardiovascular system than being an alcoholic. That is why we did studies and found out that you can get the same effect from drinking green tea or taking extra Vitamin C for your diet. But to answer your question, no, it doesn't explain the rattling noise in your head because there is a liquid that surrounds your brain and protects it from the inside of your crainium under normal circumstances. And here is my own question: Does the fact that I drink fish oil and eat lots of fish explain why I get headaches? Because my brain is now too big for my cranium to contain and it is pushing up against it?

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Hmmm.... Have you checked behind your ears to see if you're growing gills? They say you are what you eat. If you've been eating too much fish products.... IDK but playing H2O polo may also have something to do with it. ;)

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kirstie1126(480) Disputed
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Actually, most fish oils, if not all, that you buy as supplements, are oxidized before you even consume them and therefore are not doing your body a bit of good and can actually cause harm! (Little known fact that the supplement makers don't want you to know.) But the fact that you are eating fish is even better for your health. I always recommend eating foods for your health, not pills and drinks! ;)

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I agree. There's a place for all of God's creatures.... right next to the mashed potatoes ;)

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